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Wedding planners Wednesday 8th December 2021 Starlife:The episode starts with Pandit asking preeti to turn on 100 diama at home, every day will enlighten his marriage life with joy. He said sure. He left and turned on Diya. KT came and said I said don’t touch those things, by asking who you donated the things. He said this puja for a happy husband and husband’s life, I did it for the sake of my future, it was true. He asks when I give this right to you. He asked why, you loved me, it was my right to make anything that hurts me, I will make Nandini’s bitterness away, so KT nandini goes and kt I returned to me. He looked at him. He said I k kt the same, not nandini kt. He said no, you won’t ask him to check, you won’t submit the case when he checks bouncing, tell me. He remembers.

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The word check Nandini has bounced. KT said it was a criminal offense, talking to lawyers and Sue Nandini, don’t tell Preeti, he would worry. He goes. FB ends. Preeti asks why you ask Sheena not to tell me, why do you want to burn the fire, I’m close to you, I feel sad to see you like this.
He said it’s not like that, I’m married, don’t nire me, I’m not a child, don’t you understand it, I know that I have filled Sindoor in Maangmu, you agree to get married, you have to handle yourself, don’t keep hope from me, leave me alone, leave me alone, go. He cried and left. His pallu saree caught fire from Diya. KT shouted Preeti Ji and ran to him. He looked down with his hand. His hand caught fire. He blew in his hand and shouted for help. KT looked at him. Sumedh said I would try to return your money. Call ends. Juhi asks how we will handle it if we don’t get insurance. Kusum comes and says you have help at home, save this jewelry. Juhi said no, this was for Priyanka’s wedding, Kajal and Aastha and the future. Kusum insisted.

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Wedding planners Wednesday 8th December 2021 Starlife:Juhi said no, give us your blessing, please we can’t save this. Sumedh said yes, we will manage. Kusum said alright, God must give you courage, whether you tell Preeti. Juhi said no. Sumedh said he would take tension if we said, he was in a new family. Kusum said you made sense, we shouldn’t tell him. Shivraj asked Neil to go and get a doctor. Preeti asked KT to get an LEP / ointment applied. Shivraj asks KT don’t insist. Preeti applies leads on KT burns. KT looked at him.

Ik tara …plays …. he asks why you did this. He said I can’t see you on fire. He cries. The doctor said getting lost, who had sent you here, I didn’t do all this, leave. Priyanka cries. Neil looks. He said don’t judge me, I didn’t do this with my wishes, he doubted my character. He asks why you need to marry him, who doubts you, who doesn’t respect you, it’s just the beginning, don’t know what he will do. He said I was helpless, if this marriage rested, my mother’s heart would break, don’t say this to Preeta, she would tell my mother. He said don’t worry. He cries.

Priyanka said Amit, I did not lie, I went to the doctor, the doctor refused to do the test. Amit says you are a liar. Priyanka says you want to solve the alliance, just fine. Kusum rebuked him. Preeti came home. He said it was not a priyanka fault, Neil told me what Priyanka was forgotten to tell us, go to your room. Priyanka left. I asked what it was, tell me. Preeti told him. Kusum was surprised.

Wedding planners Wednesday 8th December 2021 Starlife:Kusum asked how Priyanka would live his life, what would happen to him. Preeti asks how we can ask him to keep the wrong relationship throughout life, you say that respect must be there in a relationship, I have made a big decision and my life changes, PR

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