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Wedding planners Tuesday 7th December 2021 Starlife:The episode starts with KT turn off the closet. Preeti asked him why he kept Nandini’s items until now. He said you hurt myself with Nandini’s memory. He didn’t listen and locked himself in a washroom. He shouted to explain it. He runs a knock and ignores it. He said you hurt myself by thinking about Nandini all the time, it’s wrong, you can start to forget it, throw away the items, just give me a chance to come to you, try to get out of this, throw Nandini’s attention, it will only hurt you , Do you see yourself, listen to me. He cried and said I had to do something that Nandini’s magic ended. He remembers Preeti’s words.

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Nandini received an envelope. He checked. Preeti comes and says your return ticket for Singapore, fair Pack your bag and leave, you want to lie and marry KT, you don’t try this again, just go if you don’t want to lose your own respect. Nandini bend. He said we both knew that KT loved me, I thought you were calm like a cow. Preeti said when it was a family, a woman took a female lion avatar, you could not understand KT and my relationship, you tried provoking me against KT, you thought you could stop me to keep my oath, never, my oath right. , don’t try to go back in his life, I’m not a child to come with your words, you lose your husband and family, KT and my relationship has been connected since when we become a business partner, we have mutual understanding, we are reciprocal , You won’t understand it, thank you for your cheap deeds, KT and I come closer, just wrap your bag and leave. Nandini said I can’t leave.

Preeta said I knew you wanted to ruin KT’s life. Nandini said KT had stopped me by submitting a case, he stopped me from making payments from my card, check I bounced and he filed a case, you thought about it, he did not receive payment from me and stopped me, he missed me a lot, he wanted to connect with I am the reason, like that is our love, it’s like a movie story, I feel bad for you, Prei, KT will always love me, you will only be a mask for him, he will wear a mask just to show me, until when you will hold His hand, one day he will come to me, I know him well, he’s angry at me, it’s a way to show his anger, you can’t understand this, you can’t understand this, he doesn’t have anger, disturbance and love for you, you Waste time, soon, I will be at home and bedroom KT.

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Wedding planners Tuesday 7th December 2021 Starlife:Neelima sent a gopal. He got Tiffin and packed food. He called someone and said yes, I had packed Tiffin. Neil comes and asks why you cook, where the helpers, for whom Tiffin. Neelima scolded him. Neil said I just spoke. Sneha came and asked what happened. Neil said nothing. Neelima said my son forgot how to talk to the elder, KT’s father had produced a lot, it didn’t mean Neil sat casually and spent time. He goes. Sneha cries. Neil said came to Mom, Neelima didn’t have her heart, you like it, stop crying.

Wedding planners Tuesday 7th December 2021 Starlife:KT asks what is the need for this ritual. Shivraj asks if you will say not to me now. KT said you suddenly married and brought Preeti home, we said nothing, we gave his respect, he was our shoulder, you have become her husband, sitting in Puja with him. Gopal said the Pandit called. Shivraj asked KT to change clothes and come. Nandini got a call. He asked if I would say more or attend my call. Preeti got Shivaj’s phone. Shivraj said home for puja. He said I will come. He goes.Preeting and KT sat in Puja. He remembers Nandini’s words. KT remember Preeti’s words. Shivraj asks where Kushal

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