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Wedding planners Thursday 9th December 2021 Starlife:The episode began with KT said I would call the police. Nandini said he was worried because of you, we had to go and find it, he was my son, I called the police, they would not take action before 24 hours. KT said he wasn’t my child, I won’t leave. Preeti says you will leave, he is still young, this city is just for him. He said he wasn’t my child. He said you could leave for humanity, please go and help him, let me go. Nandini thinks my plan will fail if he comes. Preeti said I would help you find Arjun, come. KT stopped them and said I would leave, Preeti stubborn. Nandini thanked him. He did not let him hold hands. He smiled. They go. Shivraj said Nandini was planning this to trap KT. Preeti said I understood Nandini, Arjun suffered in this situation, he was innocent,

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If he takes the wrong step in tension, then we will not be able to forgive ourselves. He said your intention was good, I was afraid that this kindness would greatly burden you. He goes.

Priyanka cried in her room. Kusum comes and says don’t cry, it’s not your fault, forgive me. Priyanka says don’t say this. Kusum said you have forgotten your self-esteem for me, I want you to get married for happiness, but to destroy your life, Neil is good to tell Preeti, otherwise I will not forgive me, I am proud of you, I am proud of you, I have filled out good values ​​within you all, you don’t need to prove your character to such a dirty mind, don’t make a compromise in front of your self-esteem, it brings dare to break the alliance, we will break the alliance, remove the ring. Kusum throws the ring. Priyanka smiled. Kusum said you have to do this, when a husband does not respect his wife, he cannot be considered a human, you are saved from Amit, you have to be happy, smile now, you are very beautiful. Priyanka hugged and thought about Neil, the biggest problem I was saved, I felt my mother had tried to understand me for the first time.

KT and Nandini are on their way. They are looking for Arjun. Nandini thinks you are still busy finding Arjun, I will be busy enjoying this romantic trip, finally Arjun helped me.

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FB shows Arjun asks Nandini to talk to him. He said I could kill Preeti if you said, whatever. He asked nothing. He said yes, don’t talk to me. He said just run away. He asks where, don’t make me leave. He said only acting and then I would tell you who would meet. He nodded. FB ends. KT asks when you talk to him last. Nandini said in the morning, he was worried that we were not married, he just wanted us to unite, it happened because of your Adamancy, I hope he’s fine. He cried and rested on his shoulder. He stopped the car.

Preeta heard Neelima talking to the driver. The driver said he was in the park, he insisted on coming here. Neelima left. Juhi gets a Ca degree in a grain box. He asked what he did here. Kusum asks if you forget, you are the best CA, join the job, I say, you can help Sumedh. Juhi said you were right, I forgot, thank you, I was very happy. He hugged Kusum.

Kusum said I didn’t like hugs, I sajamu, leave me. Priyanka hugged Juhank. Preeti goes to see. He saw Neelima hugging Arjun. He was surprised. Neelima said I needed time, no one saw you. Preeti asks how you come here Arjun. Neelima scolded him. Preeti asks why you did not tell Nandini about Arjun, KT did not want to go with him. Neelima said I didn’t think it needed to answer.

Preeti said Nandini could submit a case on the KT. Neelima said don’t fill my ears, everything because of you. Arjun says my mother cries every day because of you, so I run. Neelima said yes, he

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