Wedding planners Sunday 5th December 2021 Starlife

Wedding planners Sunday 5th December 2021
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Wedding planners Sunday 5th December 2021 Starlife:The episode began with Neelima stopping preeti from sitting in his chair. Madhu asked Preeti not to sit in the Neil chair. Shivraj asked Preeti to sit in his chair. KT looks. Preeti says you sit there, how can I. Shivaraj asked him to sit. He sat in his chair. He said I would serve myself. Neil asked him to try the salad and soup. KT said we had soup and salad at dinner. Neil said yes. Shivraj says if you don’t like this, ask the cooks to make something for you. Neelima said the chef had gone, he also had to eat this, he had to adjust here, if he thought of bringing change, then it won’t happen. Preeti said I would have it. KT looked at him. He got several sandwiches and juices for Preeti. He said I had seen you, you didn’t eat anything, had it. He saw a sandwich. Preeti finished it. KT comes return. He turned on AC.

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Preeti thinks I usually tolerate AC in the office, I can’t sleep if AC now. He took the remote AC and increased the temperature. He made a remote back. KT said it was so hot today. He lowered the temperature again. He made a bed on the ground. He got a servant call. Servant said the sofa was delivered, for Preeti. KT asks if you order a sofa. Preeti says no. He said alright, I’ll see. He got Nandini’s video call. He asks how you like the sofa, I have sent it to Preeti, you marry her just to show me, you will not have closeness to it, it is a relation name, you do not delete the name tattoo, you can change the bed, Preeti won’t Respect yourself not to sleep on the same bed, so I sent the sofa. Preeti signed the KT and came in front of the camera. He acts happily. He said we were just married, you shouldn’t bother us today, sleep or watch TV shows, calling other people’s husbands right now, stop disrupting our personal lives. KT asked Nandini to take their screen catch, know what happiness, knew we were happy together, good night. Nandini threw the phone in anger.

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Wedding planners Sunday 5th December 2021 Starlife:KT said sorry. Preeti left. He asked Preeti to sleep on the bed. He said no, I couldn’t share the bed. He threw the bed. He asks why not, you are my wife, you have to sleep on the bed, I don’t want anyone to comment on our personal lives. He said you mean Nandini, he had seen it, we lied to him, who else should we show, we should not lie with each other. He said it wasn’t a lie, you were my wife, I love you. He said, don’t say this is a lie. He held his hand. He said alright, I can’t hold it back, but I have decided, come on, we’re not a young man, we are adult, we can sleep well on the bed, and new, not old, sleep. He rested to sleep.

Preeta thought Nandini’s words greatly influenced him, he had to prove to Nandini that he had moved, he did not want to see the difference between truth and lies. He asked him to sleep. He removed his sandals. He placed a pillow of them. KT laughed and joked. He asked can’t I destroy this wall, what this chemistry is. He rested to sleep. He covered it with a blanket. She sleeps. He came to his side. He became tense and moved to the edge of the bed. He kicked him. He fell. He saw the way he slept, occupy the whole bed. He went sat in a chair. He saw a photo of KT on the wall. He slept in a chair.

Wedding planners Sunday 5th December 2021 Starlife:The next morning, Preeta greeted Shivraj. He asked him to drink tea. He said I wanted to put this idol at the temple. He asked him to leave. He prayed. He said I would save this new relationship with all my heart, just giving me the courage that I succeeded in ending the past bitterness of the KT and making H

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