Wedding planners Saturday 4th December 2021 Starlife

Wedding planners Sunday 5th December 2021
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Wedding planners Saturday 4th December 2021: The episode starts with KT says you have insulted me in front of Preeti, you know I forget things, I did not leave you in the office on purpose, you have Nandini here. She said I was unconscious, he got me here. She said she insulted us, I care what he thinks about us. He asks if you care. He says you will not understand. He goes. He said I want to understand, I respect our relationship and want to keep it, how I would make this relationship stronger.

Neelima said leaving false expectations. She scolds Preeti much. He says you want to reign in this house. Preeti says no. Neelima cautioned against hurting KT. He goes. Shivraj come to Preeti and asks him not to feel bad from Neelima’s words. He said KT was in the dumps for years, I just hope in you, you can bring him out of grief given by Nandini and make him happy, get a place in this house, which is not an easy fight for you, you aren ‘ t alone here, I’m with you. He blessed and go.

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Preeti go to make kada. Sneha scolds Gopal and asks why Preeti here. Preeti said I came to make kada for myself. Sneha says Kushala / Neelima would be upset to know this, we are not allowed to cook food. Preeti say but I love to cook food, there are a few rules in this house, if he knows that you’re breaking the rules, he would get mad, just go away. Preeti go. Neil said that if Preeti know this, then …. KT said that only we should know it.

Preeti think what he’s hiding. KT receive video calls. Nandini showed pink paint her nails. KT said the time to forget some things, you remember this tattoo. He says yes, you got it made in our first year anniversary, you have won more than pain and fear because of me. He says I hate you, Preeti name will be there right now, I will remove your name, as I have removed. He said do not do it. He says I’m going to send you a pic when I get the name Preeti here. Neil asks KT to think again. KT said her decide.

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Wedding planners Saturday 4th December 2021 : Preeti stop tattooists and send him out. Neil went. Preeti ask why you’re doing this. KT said I was making a tattoo of your name, you are my wife, I love you so I married you. He says you’re lying, you married me to take revenge on Nandini. He says do not take my name. She said she was among us, I do not need all of this. He asks what you want. He recalled the words of Nandini and angry. He said I want to forget Nandini, in memory of my 17 years, so I forgot to bring home, I would not give a chance to insult you again, I will have your name, not her, I hate her, she will be sick when I remove name tattoo, the pain that would give me peace, you will be pleased. He says no malice name as my love.

He says you are a superstar wife, but you do not have to say a big dialog. He says you always say that it is not necessary to forget things, you do not love me, accept it. He asks what you say, I love you so I will bear the pain. He said you do not love me, it’s just pretend, love just happens, feel, it can not be shown like this. He kissed and ask how you feel now. He goes. He cries.

Wedding planners Saturday 4th December 2021 :Juhi came to Priyanka and ask you do not get out. He got a call this Sumedh. He asks what, I’m coming. He said there was a short circuit and a fire broke out in the store. He goes. Neelima says that leaving the slippers here, who did this. Sneha says perhaps that of Preeti. Neelima Preeti calls and scolds him for leaving the dirty slippers at the entrance of the house. He asks Preeti does not do this again. He asks Gopal throws slippers out. Preeti Sneha says may have only one partner. Neelima says I do not care, I’ll make Preeti from the house immediately. Kusum worry. He said no one would cry in front of Juhi and Sumedh, does not state that bad happen to them. Kusum and her daughter crying. He said it would be a big loss. He said nothing was going to cry in front of them. Priyanka worry.

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