Wedding planners Saturday 11th December 2021 Starlife

Wedding planners Sunday 5th December 2021
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Wedding planners Saturday 11th December 2021 Starlife:The episode begins with preeti said I had to organize my stuff now. She slips. KT embraced him with a weapon. Ik Tara … play … they have a moment. Neelima said we would go and talk with preeti. Preeti got the call and leaves. Neelima stop.

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Wedding planners Saturday 11th December 2021 Starlife: Preeti says I have a job, I’ll talk to you later. KT spoke to Sharma Ji and told my father told me that the newspaper is ready to be signed, I have less time. Peon said a hostess came to work CA, named Juhi Kothari. KT asks what. Juhi come for an interview. Arjun drunk. Inspector scolded. Preeti come. Arjun says he is an enemy of my mother, she is the second woman to come between father and mother. He said you called me, I preeti. Inspectors said that her mother did not answer, he took the name, so I call. He said I’ll take responsibility. he asked name.

Wedding planners Saturday 11th December 2021 Starlife: He said preeti tibrewal. He said the family tibrewal have a lot of respect, you should notify your name in the phone itself, explain his mistake.Preeti thank him. He took Arjun. Arjun said I really hate you. Nandini came and slapped him. He said everyone would say I did not give you the values, to apologize to her. Arjun said no. Nandini said sorry preeti and thanks him free, I can not come because KT filed a case on me, Arjun is not like this, I raised him with love, he has a dream to have a family, we do not mix. . He made preeti feel bad. KT gets home Juhi. He says he’s talented, he’s really good, he is the best candidate for our company. Neelima says we do not know him. KT said Juhi is the daughter preeti, we do not need to know anything else. Sneha says we should not mix work and relationships. KT said Dad, he’ll handle. Neelima mock Juhi. Shivraj said we would do the formalities at the office. Juhi thank him. He also thanks KT. KT said I’ll take you home, come on. Juhi said I would go. He says it’s okay, why do not you tell. He said I do not want distressing. He said you should have told me, I’m your father now, she is still your mother, this relationship has never changed, really. He nodded. He said you could share anything with preeti and me. She thanked him. He smiled.

Wedding planners Saturday 11th December 2021 Starlife:Preeti came home. He got a call. He said I would get a sample and come. He was looking for a toothbrush. Neelima got a toothbrush. He rebuked preeti for performing black magic. Preeti says no. Neelima say I’ve seen it, you try to cut hair KT, you fail and you have stolen this toothbrush. He said that after the store was burned Juhi, KT has to chief financial officer in our company, you make KT and Arjun go. Preeti says I’m doing this for them, I took samples for DNA testing, KT will not believe that Arjun is his son, we can find out whether Arjun is the son or not, believe me, I will come to you, I will come to you, to tell you Arjun to get samples for test, believe me. Neelima asks what. Preeti says I’m telling the truth. Neelima said fine, if you want them approaching, then I’ll get a sample for DNA testing Arjun, I want KT accepts as his son Arjun. Sneha visible. Preeti says if Arjun is the son KT, I want this. Sneha think I think KT will contribute his share to Neil, KT married, if her son home, then Kushala / Neelima would give everything to Arjun, I can not let the DNA test occurred.

Preeti said no one had told me about the burning store. Kusum said we do not want any trouble. Preeti says you do not share my grief with. He cries. Kusum said do not cry, I hate tears. Sneha upset. Sushant asked what had happened. Sneha says preeti get KT and Arjun DNA test is completed, if it is proven, then neilnya

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