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Wedding planners Monday 6th December 2021 Starlife:The episode starts with preeti seeing Neil and falsify the call to Juhi. He asked why you left Priyanka himself that he tried to commit suicide, he was in the hospital. Neil worry. Kusum spoke to someone to sell a house. Juhi, Sumedh and Priyanka asked him for the reason for the decision. Kusum said my house, I could decide about it. Neil asked the driver to take the car. He asked unable to hear, I was Priyanka …

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KT was undercover the driver. He said you Priyanka … Preeti said Priyanka was fine, we did this to find out the truth. KT says worry you show the truth, why are you lying to me, I feel I won your trust, you don’t think of me your dear one. Neil cried and hugged him. He said I wanted to tell the truth but I was badly caught. KT said I was there to handle it, tell everything clearly.

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Neil says everything. Kusum said I wanted to sell this house and leave.
Sumedh asks why you did this. Kusum said I was doing this for Priyanka, he would go to England and continue, I had decided that, no one could stop me. KT said I would talk to Mother, you will marry Priyanka, whose promised, you love her, right, marriage does not maintain without love. Preeti asks Neil to enter, KT and he will handle it. Neil hugs and thanks them. He goes. KT said sorry. He said Kushala and Sneha went to shop, we could stop the kusum from selling a house. KT said I would call him and tell him that we would get Neil and Priyanka married. He asked if you thought he would agree. He said yes, I knew him. Kusum answered the call and scolded him. Preeti said he did not agree, there was one way to stop home sales. He said the idea. He said done, our combination was the best world. He laughed. He asked him to leave now. KT came to the house in disguise. He said I’m Bhairav ​​Seth. He introduced himself.

He said you came in the wrong place. He said I came to buy your home. He said I thought I met him. He said maybe, the woman followed me when I went for a morning walk. He likes home and asks for a price. He asks why you are in a hurry to sell a house, is there a ghost.

Wedding planners Monday 6th December 2021 Starlife:Kusum said no, I wanted the money to send my child to England. KT asks is your daughter’s house. Kusum said yes, you see a house. Preeti came to Kushala and said our trust, KT and I would arrange some money, don’t sacrifice the happiness of Neil, making it far from this agreement, a fixed marriage on the basis of love. Kushala said you would not understand this, the Neil marriage was in 2 days, the end. He goes. Preeti got this kt’s call. He said I had to find out why I wanted to sell a house, he wanted to send Priyanka to England.

Wedding planners Monday 6th December 2021 Starlife:Preeti says we have a little time, Kushala disagrees, why to get scared if they are in love, get Priyanka with you, I will get Neil, we will get them married in a temple today. KT said right, we will explain our kusum and family, we will unite two lovers today, done. Preeti thinks you know the importance of love, but you don’t love me. KT asks for home paper. Kusum said I had it. He asked him to get it. KT goes to Priyanka. Priyanka asked him to stay away.

KT removed his mustache and showed his face. Priyanka says you … KT says listen to me, Preeti will get Neil, come with me to marry Neil. He asks why you think that I will come. KT said Neil helplessly agreed to get married, my mother Pressurising her for the family, you are lucky to get true love, don’t step behind in the ego, you will regret all life, she loves you a lot, you also love her right. He nodded. He said you want to spend life with him, right. He nodded. He said please listen to me, j

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