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Uzalo Teasers January 2022

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Monday 3 January 2022
Episode 217

Nkunzi gets stunning news. Plan is back in KwaMashu and he begins by correcting a wrong. While Sbu neglect to get Hlelo to pardon him.

Tuesday 4 January 2022
Episode 218

Engineer plays his last card to figure Khathide out, Nkunzi and Ndoni set it all up, Gabisile is enticed; Sbu offers it his last chance to prevail upon Hlelo back.

Wednesday 5 January 2022
Episode 219

Gabisile is appalled when she strolls in on Nkunzi and Ndoni in a compromising position. Hlelo needs her occupation back at the shisanyama yet uncertainty and dread is holding her back.

Thursday 6 January 2022
Episode 220

The most needed criminal gets past Mondli. Gabisile’s most exceedingly awful dread turns into a reality. The Shlobos go to forceful lengths against Mr. Mbatha.

Friday 7 January 2022
Episode 221

Gabisile gets back and tracks down Nkunzi in bed with another lady. Engineer pulls a stunt to get to Khathide inside prison. MaMlambo is confronted with her miscreant.

Monday 10 January 2022
Episode 222

Gabisile attempts everything she can to get Nkunzi’s consideration, in veins. Joy is in the air as proprietors of the refinery visit it. Sbu will successfully have an ideal meeting.

Tuesday 11 January 2022
Episode 223

Minister not really settled to extend the expertise community to all who need it, however is left disappointed with restricted assets. Nkunzi gives Gabisile her last admonition. Could Mr. Mbatha be real in his expression of remorse? Sbu ends up in a deadly position.

Wednesday 12 January 2022
Episode 224

Sbu suffocates in a pool of responsibility. A recognizable face creeps out of the woodwork and is unsettled to see Gabisile alive. Nkunzi makes himself at home in another’s man’s home.

Thursday 13 January 2022
Episode 225

Sibonelo deters Nonka out of leaving the refinery, it will just welcome on pointless consideration. Gabisile takes a striking action when she takes Philippe’s number from Nkunzi’s telephone. Babekazi needs Mbatha to unite with her on preparing an arrangement to think of the Insurance cash.

Friday 14 January 2022
Episode 226

Nomzamo’s vanishing turns into all the rage. Gabisile illuminates Philippe about Nkunzi and Ndoni’s relationship status while Babekazi exasperates Mr. Mbatha provoking him to show her out

Monday 17 January 2022
Episode 227

From the most vulnerable connection and suspect, Sbu rises; Gabisile takes her arrangement on a perilous level with Philippe and Mbatha proposes mission difficult to help Babekazi.

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Tuesday 18 January 2022
Episode 228

A liable Sbu battles with his feelings. Risk comes thumping at Nkunzi’s entryway. Mr Mbatha neglects to persuade Babekazi to forsake the arrangement to burglarize Nkunzi.

Wednesday 19 January 2022
Episode 229

Nkunzi keeps on behaving recklessly when he can’t avoid being with Ndoni. Minister Gwala understands there’s something else to Nonka’s visit then she lets on. Babekazi and Mbatha keep on conceptualizing on the most proficient method to gain admittance to Nkunzi’s cash.

Thursday 20 January 2022
Episode 230

Ndoni is happy that Nkunzi came to see her. Philippe needs Nkunzi dead. Sibonelo can’t completely accept that Gabisile has recently placed Nkunzi’s life at serious risk.

Friday 21 January 2022
Episode 231

Nkunzi’s activities land him in hot waters with his business partner. Sbu’s lose tongue uncovers an immense piece of proof. Mr Mbatha and Babekazi visit a clueless key to their arrangement.

Monday 24 January 2022
Episode 232

Minister Gwala turns “Sherlock” trying to cut down his sibling lastly get his fantasy. Babekazi and Mr. Mbatha figure out how to assemble important intel on their bold intend to burglarize Nkunzi and casing Gabisile for it.

At the point when Pastor Gwala furnishes Mondli with new data on Nomzamo’s case, Sibonelo utilizes frantic measures to keep his fantasy alive and stay away from prison for himself as well as his accomplices.

Tuesday 25 January 2022
Episode 233

Sibonelo is frantic to get the refinery in the groove again, that he’s in any event, able to obscure the lines with regards to blood. Minister Gwala is gone out. Mr Mbatha thinks again as the arrangement approaches execution. Nkunzi is left amazed when he understands his child has crossed a line.

Wednesday 26 January 2022
Episode 234

Gabisile and Nkunzi at last rest together. Minister Gwala isn’t abandoning discovering what befell Nomzamo. Not really settled Investigator is after Babekazi.

Thursday 27 January 2022
Episode 235

Nonka stands up to Sibonelo about the assault on Pastor Gwala. Nkunzi and Gabisile settle on a choice with regards to their relationship. Mr Mbatha fears for his life and makes an exceptional move against Babekazi.

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Friday 28 January 2022
Episode 236

Njeza gets a hard beating. Mbatha and Babekazi pull off a trying heist. Nkunzi gets up to speed to Mbatha and Babekazi.

Monday 31 January 2022
Episode 237

Sibonelo’s bad dream shows up at his doorstep with a bag, while Nonka has an enthusiastic cooperation with her sibling. Furthermore have Babekazi and Mbatha hit the big time?

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