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This Is Fate Wednesday 8th December 2021 On zee world

This Is Fate Wednesday 8th December 2021 On zee world
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This Is Fate Wednesday 8th December 2021 On zee world: On This Is Fate Wednesday 8 December 2021, Pammi exclaims that when Karan took the blame of Preeta she should have brought him back to the house as she gave him birth and should have stood for him in the court, she exclaims that she gets emotional and she now feels that Karina is right because Preeta is not auspicious for their family so she must not take the side of Preeta because she brought as the daughter in law of the family but she is not the right choice for them.

Rakhi stands asking Pammi to stop saying that she must not say anything wrong about Preeta because she is like a daughter, Rakhi asks her to spend less time with Karina because she is thinking like her. She must not think like her as it is her thinking but it is not correct, she explains she is also a mother and her heart beats for her children but she knows what Karan did today was right because he has taken the wrong blame on Preeta on himself so she knows that he has done a righteous thing which only a man can do, Rakhi says that Pammi has come to their house after a long time but knows Karan from his childhood so knows that he only cared for Cricket and won a lot of trophies in which she saw her victory so he got a lot of fame and became a big star, however, she felt that she got wrong.

Karan became selfish and only loved himself, they all tried to make him understand that he must take responsibility for the business however he was not concerned and every time Rishab came in between and said that he would take care of the entire business and they all must let Karan focus on his practice, she explains that after that Preeta came into their house and Karan’s attitude started changing, he did not like Preeta at first and there were constant fights amongst them both however she is his mother so could see the love he had for Preeta, eventually, they both got married and Karan changed completely, he started caring for the family, sacrificing his own desires which are not like him, this change is because of Preeta, Karan saw the sacrifice Preeta gave for his family, anytime there is a problem for their family.

This Is Fate Wednesday 8th December 2021 On zee world: Preeta has always stood to protect them and it was only possible because Preeta was there so if Karan has passed the line to protect the family then there is nothing to be worried about because before only she and Mahesh je were standing with her but now when Karan has also protected Preeta then she feels he has done the right thing because the women who are not able to kill an insect then how can she murder a human being, Rakhi exclaims this is why she feels Karan is right to sacrifice for Preeta and if he had not done it she would have cursed herself for not giving him the right virtues, Rakhi warns Pammi to never say anything about Preeta ever again as Preeta is not only the daughter in law and they all trust her completely, Prithvi also exclaims Rakhi is true to say Preeta is innocent, Pammi and Rakhi both look tensely at Prithvi.

Sherlin leaves the hall as she is worried why once again everyone is talking of Preeta, Rakhi hugs Preeta, Pammi thinks that she would never apologize to Preeta in front of Prithvi, she asks Kritika to take Prithvi to his room as he might be tired, Prithvi asks if he can her as Chachi maa because she heard his heart, and he is really tired.

Preeta apologizes to Rakhi when Mahesh comes inquiring what is she sorry about, Mahesh says to Suresh that he told him that they would be able to make sure Preeta comes out of jail and they have succeeded, Rakhi asks if he has remembered everything, Suresh signals that she should not say anything when Rakhi remembers how the doctor warned them to not cause any sort of stress.
Prithvi is in the room and amazed, Kritika questions if he is enjoying and how does he feel, Prithvi mentions that he feels he should take over the Luthra house, Kritika exclaims that his belongings are in the room while she would send the rest of the belongings.

Prithvi remembers the time when he saw Megha in the car, he calls Sherlin who was passing the room, and explains that the blackmailer whom they thought was a man is Megha, Sherlin is really worried, Prithvi explains that he tried to convince her he was innocent but she did not believe him, Sherlin reveals that she believed he was telling the truth because when he said that the stain was of the ketchup, she checked it so removed the suspicion, Prithvi mentions this implies she needs proof and did not trust him.

Mahira comes running into the room saying they have to do something to help Karan she thinks of taking the help of her father however Prithvi snatches her mobile asking why is she trying to ruin such a good time as they must let Karan remain in the jail, Mahira gets angry saying he only wants to be with Preeta which is why he is not letting her help, Karan, Prithvi warns her to not challenge him because she doesnot know what he is capable off, he leaves the room, Mahira tries to convince Sherlin that Prithvi is going to cheat on her as he cannot be with three women, Sherlin, however, pleads with her to leave them alone, Mahira leaves in anger.

Sherlin is standing in the room when Kritika enters questioning what is she doing in Prithvi jee’s room, Sherlin explains that the house is new, so she got confused, she leaves the room but Kritika gets suspicious.

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