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This Is Fate Wednesday 1 December 2021 On zee world

This Is Fate Wednesday 1 December 2021 On zee world
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This Is Fate Wednesday 1 December 2021 On zee world: On This Is Fate 1st December 2021, Shristhi asks Sameer to stop the car because this is the location which the GPS is showing, Sameer also says that he already knows this is the location, he starts reversing his car, Shristhi questions when he says that he is doing this so that no one is able to get the feeling of being followed, Shristhi is impressed and exclaims he has gotten intelligent by being with her, Sameer, however, says that he has been with her for only some time but was intelligent from his younger age, it takes time for people to understand his intelligence, Sameer asks if they should step out, Shristhi blames that he is talking and she is not doing anything, Sameer explains they have to run and hide beside the door.

Sameer and Shristhi while hiding wonder how would they be able to see the face of the blackmailer, Shristhi explains they would be able to see the face of the blackmailer when he steps out from the car, they see that a car has stopped and someone steps out from it, they are not able to see his face and so decide to walk after him however Sameer stops her explaining they would be caught if the driver is working for the person, Sameer and Shristhi also go after the person, the blackmailer also steps out of the car and is walking inside the Godown when the guard sees him, demanding that he stop however he runs to hide in the factory.

Sameer and Shristhi walk into the Godown where Prithvi is also looking for the blackmailer, the guard calls the person to come out as he has a gun and would not leave him if he tries to steal anything from the facility, Prithvi exclaims this is the right time for him to see who the blackmailer really Is, Shristhi and Sameer also plan to see who the face of the blackmailer because he is the real killer and Preeta is in the jail because of him, the guard is calling the blackmailer to come out but he is constantly hiding, the blackmailer hits him in the leg causing his gun to fall away before running away, the guard follows him, Prithvi seeing the opportunity runs away.

This Is Fate Wednesday 1 December 2021 On zee world: Mahira is sitting in her car, someone knocks on her door she gets out to hand him the money and also slaps him explaining that he should never blackmail her ever again because she is not afraid of Prithvi so it is better that he deletes her contact from his mobile otherwise if he still tries to blackmail her then she would call the police on him, he apologizes and deletes the contact, Mahira then drives off.

The Guard is following the blackmailer who is running in the factory, he hides behind some boxes and is not coming out, Prithvi sees him and tries to catch him but he once again runs away, then the guard stumbles into Sameer and Shristhi questioning who they are, Shristhi explains that the person for whom he is looking has taken some money from them, the guard says that he might have come to steal something, the blackmailer seeing the opportunity runs away hiding behind the car, he is able to run away in his own car, the guard starts shouting at him demanding that he stop.

Sameer and Shristhi are following Prithvi, he wonders what he must do to run away from them because if they caught him they would start asking a lot of questions which he cannot answer, he hides behind some boxes but doesnot realize that the vendor is seeing him, he signals Shristhi and Sameer who are still not able to catch him, Shristhi wonders what is happening wrong because the blackmailer is always able to outsmart them and run away, Shristhi suggests that they throw hot oil at him, Sameer, however, worries explaining that they would also hurt themselves so he advises that they throw hot water, Prithvi gets worried wondering why are they planning to fry or boil him.

This Is Fate 1 December 2021 On zee world: Sameer leaves to get the water handing Shristhi the stick with which she can hit the blackmailer if he comes out, Prithvi hides behind a long drum, Shristhi sees him when Sameer also comes with the water, Shristhi shows the shadow of the person who is standing behind the drums, Sameer says they should throw hot water on him, she is also adamant to boil him, they both walk towards Prithvi who is standing behind the drums.

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