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This Is Fate Tuesday 14th December 2021 On zee world

This Is Fate Tuesday 14th December 2021 On zee world
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This Is Fate Tuesday 14th December 2021 On zee world: On This Is Fate Tuesday 14 December 2021, Preeta is in the room when someone pushes her from behind and tries to run away with the mobile, Preeta however is able to catch her and they both start struggling, she also drops her mobile in the fight, Preeta very cleverly pushes the mobile under the bed but she is overpowered by the women who runs out of the room, Sameer and Shristhi also hear the scream and wonder if Preeta might have gotten in some trouble.

Preeta rushes out of the room, Ruchika exclaims that it was no one other than Preeta, Akshay’s mother exclaims what would she bee doing in their house, they all rush to catch her, Megha is amazed to see that Akshay’s mobile is really not in the drawer and has been stolen.

Prithvi opens the door calling to Kritika however she is not in the room, he wonders where has she gone because if she remains angry with him then he might be thrown out of the house and he has made a lot of efforts with her to enter the house so cannot leave it, he exclaims that his choice with girls is a little different because the first one is Preeta who is really honest and cannot even slap him if she is angry, then comes Sherlin who can even slap him if she gets a little and the third one is Kritika, he doesnot know if she is angry then must make sure she is not mad with him because if she is not happy then he would be thrown out of the house, he has to do whatever he can to make sure Kritika likes him then he must marry her under any circumstance.

Kritika enters the room with Pammi, he starts apologizing to her but Kritika says he must not create any drama in front of her, Prithvi however explains that he would not leave until she forgives him, he even kneels in front of Pammi apologizing, Kritika however is forced to laugh then mentions that she is not angry with him and he must not apologize, Pammi mentions he is really clever and has even knelt Infront of Kritika to prove his point, Pammi mentions that her eyes are really strong and she can see everything.

Shristhi is following the women however she bites her and runs away with the mobile, Preeta comes to help her, Akshay’s mother comes asking Megha to see who both of them are, Megha opens the veil to find out that it is Preeta and Shristhi, Megha questions what are they both doing in the house, Ruchika also pleads with them both to not irritate Megha as she is pregnant, Shristhi asks why is she so worried even when she came with them to become a witness against Megha, Ruchika exclaims she indeed came to be a witness against Megha but at the court realized that she was wrong so came back, Shristhi and Preeta try to explain they have not come to ruin anything but desire to find the true killer and so came to get his mobile, Preeta questions Megha to in form the true name of the murderer because she has his mobile so would know the name of the murderer, Megha tries to act saying that they all are blaming her, she cries and leans with Akshay’s mother saying that she is being blamed, Preeta tries to explain but they both are thrown out of the house.

This Is Fate Tuesday 14th December 2021 On zee world: Pammi in the room explains she knows a secret of Prithvi, Kritika is also worried when Pammi explains that the secret is that prithvi makes everyone fall into his trap because of his good looks and this is why he is able to make them all do his work, Prithvi is scared and then Kritika gets relieved, Suresh calls Pammi who leaves, Prithvi hugs Kritika but is really angry and he thinks that he has to do all he can to take care of Pammi because she is getting on his nerves, Kritika asks why is he so serious because he must always remain in the jolly mood as everyone likes him, Prithvi exclaims Kritika looks good in her jolly mood, he gets a call from Megha and thinks of first dealing with her after which she would take care of Pammi, Kritika questions who it is, Prithvi accidently takes the name of Megha, he covers it saying that he is a worker in his office and is calling because of the tremendous workload, he seeks permission to leave assuring that he would come back, Kritika doesnot stop him saying that she ahs never stopped him before so why would she start now.

This Is Fate Tuesday 14th December 2021 On zee world: Sameer is relieved to change the clothes and get back in his proper dress explaining that it felt really awkward, Shristhi teases him by saying that if he started feeling awkward then it might have created a lot of problems, Preeta comes questioning why is she always teasing Sameer, Shristhi explains it was just a joke, Shristhi exclaims they created such a big scene but lost the mobile because Preeta is really weak, Preeta placing the mobile exclaims that they have not lost the proof, Shristhi questions how did she do it, Preeta reveals she had another mobile when she went in and she placed it on the bed when the other women came into the room, they both got in the struggle and she in the hurry took the other mobile.

Shristhi gets tensed saying this means she took Preeta’s mobile, Preeta responds that it was not her mobile but a dummy mobile which she thought of placing at the place where Akshay’s mobile was kept so no one would get suspicious, Shristhi exclaims that she has gotten really clever, Preeta also asks that she is clever even if she is not that strong, Shristhi apologizes and starts teasing Preeta who thinks they would now get close to the murderer because of the mobile which they have been able to get as the proof.

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