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This Is Fate Thursday 9th December 2021 On zee world

This Is Fate Thursday 9th December 2021 On zee world
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This Is Fate Thursday 9th December 2021 On zee world: On This Is Fate Thursday 9 December 2021, Preeta questions what did Karan do as he took her blame on himself, the court released her and sent him to prison for the crime which they both have not committed, Pammi thinks that they do not know who has killed Akshay but his happiness has been murdered because Rakhi very confidently said that she is proud of her son but now Mahesh would scold Preeta and might even throw her out of the house.

Mahesh sitting beside Preeta explains that ever since he came to know she got married to Karan, there has been only one thing in his mind that she could have gotten someone better than him but he was wrong and now is realizing that the couple which Mata Rani makes is the best for each other, they both compliment each other so he and Rakhi jee are really grateful but Sarla is the most grateful because she got a daughter like her and there is nothing more which they could want, he asks her to not cry and be calm and questions if she would make tea for him.

Suresh sees Pammi and wonders why she is looking so tense, and she might try to ruin the happiness of this family which he would not let her do.

Shristhi and Sameer both are frustrated to not even find Ruchika at her house, Shristhi wonders why both Megha and Ruchika left the court, she thinks that Megha might have threatened Ruchika when she went out of the court to get fresh air, she feels Megha might have threatened Ruchika which is why she ran away. She calls Ruchika who even answers it but then ends the call, Shristhi wonders what is happening because. Whenever they try to get near a solution the entire situation changes so he must meet her in the morning because whatever she needs time to find a solution of the dots that they have gathered, Sameer agrees to meet with her in the morning.

Pammi is standing remembering how Rakhi insulted her with regards to Preeta, Suresh is talking on the mobile when he comes and she goes to him, asking what is he doing here because she thought he would be still with Mahesh, Suresh mentions that he saw the way she was looking when Mahesh was talking about Karan and Preeta, Pammi tries to clarify how she feels Preeta is not the right choice, Mahesh and Rakhi are supporting her a lot which they should not because Preeta is not worth it. She cannot say anything to Mahesh because he is still not well, but she would make Rakhi understand how Preeta is, Suresh tries to warn her however she replies that she can be mad after seeing money as she did not see it since her childhood but really cares for her family so plans to do what she can before leaving, Suresh gets really worried.

This Is Fate Thursday 9th December 2021 On zee world: Preeta is walking downstairs, she is really broken, Rakhi coming from behind questions what is wrong and why is she so tense, Preeta replies she and Mahesh have always loved her like a mother and father as before since her childhood she only got the love of a father and when she came to know that her mother is alive, her father died, after a few days she came into their house married to Karan but he did not love her, his attitude was really strange towards her but now she is glad that she became a member of their house, Rakhi exclaims that Preeta is her daughter, Preeta questions if she can go meet Karan, Rakhi allows saying that she must leave after wearing the earrings because Karan really likes them.

Prithvi knocks on the room of Sherlin but she doesnot come out, he even knocks on the bathroom however she is not there, he sits on the bed wondering what is happening as he is not able to find Sherlin and even Preeta jee is not seeing how he loves her but instead she only cares about Karan which he is not able to bear, he wonders that Sherlin might be up to no good because she left the house without even informing him so might be making a plan.

This Is Fate Thursday 9th December 2021 On zee world: Sherlin is on the call with Rishab, she explains that everything is fine before ending the call, she turns to find Mahira standing there who is really worried. Mahira questions why she did there was no problem, Sherlin replies she informed him Mahesh uncles health is getting better, she tries to leave but Mahira pulls her questioning what is wrong with her because she is being nice about the people from whom she was adamant of taking revenge, Sherlin gets mad so shouts at her saying that it might be because of her changing hormones because she is pregnant, Mahira gets really worried.

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