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This Is Fate Saturday 11th December 2021 On zee world

This Is Fate Saturday 11th December 2021 On zee world
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This Is Fate Saturday 11th December 2021 On zee world: On This Is Fate Saturday 11 December 2021, The lady constable says that the visiting time has ended, Karan asks what is the matter because she has just arrived, the lady constable says that she has come but he did not eat anything, Karan requests her to also lock Preeta in the jail because she has been lying that she did not miss him, Preeta exclaims that he is just saying anything that is coming in his mouth, Karan asks her to bring her photo from two years ago, she questions why would he need it, he replies that he would show how awful she looked that time. Preeta is worried, she mentions that she would come back after some time and he should finish the breakfast, she is about to leave when Karan explains that he misses her, he then starts eating it.

Shristhi and Sameer walk into the police station, Shristhi mentions that she was thinking all night when she came to the conclusion that Megha had some role in the murder of Akshay, Sameer taunts her questioning how clever she is because she is just saying what Ruchika informed them, Shristhi says that her family members say she is habitual of talking too much however he is just the same but then sees the constable so Shristhi stops him pleading with him to allow her to meet Karan, Sameer, however, says that he is the brother so should be allowed, Shristhi stops him saying that she is his biggest fan so must have the right.

Preeta calls them both questioning what is happening, Shrishti mentions that she has come to meet Karan and she must not take the side of Sameer because he is wrong also Sameer also asks Preeta to not take the side of Shrishti because of the way she is talking to him, Preeta tries to stop them but they do not listen when she is forced to hold them both by the ears, Shristhi then goes to request from the constable to meet Karan he, however, says the time has ended so they can come after four hours which angers Shristhi, Preeta advises they can come after the four hours and meet Karan once again, she leaves off for some important work which she has to perform.

Mahesh is sitting remembering the times spent with Karan, Rakhi questions what he is doing he mentions that he was remembering the moments when Karan would come after playing cricket and would jump straight into the pool because he was covered in dirt so Rakhi would be running behind him and he knew she could not swim, Rakhi agrees saying that he is right as Karan was only obsessed about one thing and it was cricket, he would always play without any regard and when there was any disagreement Rishab would always stand in his support even when she was angry with him, he would convince her about anything that was in favour of Karan, Mahesh apologizes, Rakhi questions what is the reason for the apology, he replies that he thought he would be the best husband however now feels that his son is even more responsible as a husband then himself, Rakhi and Mahesh are talking when Pammi comes, she apologizes for disturbing them, Mahesh leaves taking the cup of tea, Pammi exclaims he has never seen Mahesh be so nervous, Pammi sits and desires to in form the truth about Preeta but Rakhi leaves before listening to her as Mahesh requires her help.

This Is Fate Saturday 11th December 2021 On zee world: Megha says to Ruchika that she did what Ruchika was not able to because Akshay now knows the truth about her child that the real father is her ex, Akshay got his DNA done and it was proved that the child doesnot belong to him, Megha mentions that if she doesnot leave then she would call his parents, Ruchika mentions that even they are not that pure, Ruchika is however not convinced and asks Megha to not threaten her because had she not run away from the court, her plan would have been successful but she ran away from the court and her entire plan failed, Megha then questions why did she tell the Luthra’s that she was blackmailing them, while it was actually her who was blackmailing them at which Ruchika explains that when someone takes small blame then the family would be sympathetic towards her, she therefor acted as being the victim and so was about to get the money but she ruined her plan.

Preeta is in the hospital when she greets the receptionist who wonders that Preeta might have started practicing once again but Preeta reveals she came to take the reports of Mahesh Luthra, Preeta hears Megha walking past her, she decides to follow her after asking the receptionist to print the reports, Preeta hears that Megha is sitting with a doctor who questions why is she not taking care of herself as she is pregnant and if she would not take care of herself then she would have to inform her husband, Megha replies she would not be able to accomplish it as he is dead, Megha gets a call from Prithvi but wonders how can she answer it now so would talk with him after reaching outside, Preeta rushes to the reception and taking the reports follows Megha.

Prithvi gets really mad wondering that Megha doesnot know who she is blackmailing, he feels that if she is not answering his calls she would read the text, he writes that she doesnot know who she is blackmailing as she would not be able to get any money from him because he has also informed everyone in the Luthra house that the blackmailer is the actual murderer of Akshay.

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