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This Is Fate Monday 20th December 2021 On zee world: On This Is Fate Monday 20 December 2021, Rakhi exclaims she did not know Karan can talk like this as she never heard him talking like this, she feels he is becoming more mature to which Karan replies he doesnot know about it but knows everything that he learned was from her as no one can love a child more than his mother even if the child is naughty or irresponsible because she cares for him, Rakhi explains he is telling the truth because she is feeling proud to know that he is having such a positive change, she explains Preeta is doing all she can to get him freed as even when anyone doesnot say they all miss him a lot, she explains that the murderer of Akshay would soon get caught so he will be with them, she advises him to take care of himself before leaving, Karan gets tensed after she leaves.

Sherlin standing wonders who the girl might be who is blackmailing her, she sees a woman coming in a veil so questions who the women are, she mentions it is not important who she is because she only desires justice, she then removes the veil but is shocked to see it is Megha.

Prithvi enters the kitchen thinking he has forgot to take care of himself so has even stopped eating, he is about to bite the apple when the balance sheet of his business is mailed to him, he gets frustrated wondering why is his business not performing like Rishab who is able to earn a lot of money even when he is outside of the country, he thinks of what he can do to ruin his business so he thinks that there is only one such person and it is Karan, he is about to leave but bumps into Ganesh, he however apologizes so Prithvi leaves, Ganesh sees his mobile but Prithvi comes back demanding his mobile after which Ganesh sees the letter of Sherlin which he forgot to give to Sherlin so decides to give it to her.

Sherlin explains that she should have understood that Megha is blackmailing her because she also blackmailed Prithvi, Megha explains that Akshay was not honest but even Prithvi is not that honest because he always walks with the face of lies over him so she must not feel worry about him, Megha says she knows her secret which can ruin her position as the daughter in law of the Luthra family so she clarifies that she knows Sherlin is about to become the mother of Prithvi’s child and not Rishab, she tries to walk away when Megha plays the video in which she accepts she is about to become the Mother of Prithvi’s child. Megha explains she has corrected her mistake as she even wrote a letter but feels it did not reach her so she came in person, Sherlin is perplexed when Megha explains she must not think of being clever as she already has made a copy of the video which she transferred from Akshay’s mobile before it was stolen, she even clarifies that she has send another copy to her friend instructing her to mail Rishab if she doesnot return after two hours, she demands fifty lacs from Sherlin explaining she would not have demanded the money if she was not in need of them, Megha gives her the choice of either handing the money or loosing the position as the daughter in law of the Luthra family, Sherlin is really worried while Megha leaves.

Prithvi enters the police station thinking that the way of taking revenge is different, he cannot take it the way he desired but can make someone’s heart burn, Prithvi writes a message to Rishab asking him to answer his video call because Karan is desperately waiting to talk with him and he should answer his call, he thinks he would make sure Rishab is not able to concentrate on his business so sends the text, Rishab orders them to start the bid while he will come down in five minutes.

Karan is sitting when Prithvi comes explaining that he said whenever someone sees him they either get shocked or tensed and when he came with Kritika he was not able to reveal what was in his heart because of Kritika as she did not stop talking, Prithvi mentions he has a surprise for him and so calls Rishab who answers asking him to not waste his time and end the call if there is nothing of importance, Prithvi explains he needs to make him see something because Karan is in the jail and really suffering, he explains that Karan is rotting in the jail while Rishab is sitting without doing anything, Karan gets furious and tries to yell at Prithvi ordering him to stop but prithvi explains he is telling the truth because Rishab is not doing anything, it feels that he is wearing bangles, Rishab responds that he would not in form anyone what he would do for his brother so will perform anything secretly, Karan yells at him ordering him to stop, warning him to not speak anything against Rishab, he asks Karan to not be furious as Prithvi is telling the truth because he is not able to do anything, Rishab ends the call as he is really angry.

Prithvi mentions that he was just revealing the truth so has accomplished what he came for, he is about to walk away but turns questioning why no one is there who is taking photos with him but it is nothing to worry about as he would take photo with him, karan pulls him against the rods with his hand around Prithvi’s neck strangling him, he tries to call the constable but is not able to, Karan is really enjoying strangling him.

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