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This Is Fate Saturday 18th December 2021 On zee world

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This Is Fate Saturday 18th December 2021 On zee world: On This Is Fate saturday 18 December 2021, Karan explains he is not taking anyone’s side but knows Mahira cannot be the murderer, he reveals that when he was at the hotel Mahira was with him so how can she kill anyone, Preeta says then what is the point because she could have come back after killing him, Karan explains that she was always with him and came to the house after Sameer called, Preeta gets frustrated saying he must not talk about her in this manner as she doesnot like it when he talks like this about her because she is not a nice girl, Karan assures that he is sure Mahira cannot be the murderer, he asks if she is jealous but she denies it, he even apologizes for talking about Mahira but Preeta is not interested, she temporarily forgives him explaining when he would come back, she will not leave him. Preeta reveals she needs to go back and find out who the real murderer is if Mahira did not kill Akshay.

Sameer is playing on his mobile, Shristhi is really worried, she asks how can he be so calm while she is really tensed of how Karan would react when Preeta reveals the entire truth, he questions what is she trying to say, Shristhi reveals she desire that they go and try to find out how did Mahira actually murder Akshay, he also agrees so they leave to find the truth, Sameer questions what trick should they use, she mentions she has a plan, Sherlin coming from behind gets excited thinking now Mahira would pay the price for deceiving her.

Sherlin sees Prithvi coming and smiles, he asks what is the reason of her smile, she reveals he might be thinking she is smiling after seeing his cuteness but it is not the case as she is smiling because of her cleverness, she heard Sameer and Shristhi talking, they both were planning to interrogate Mahira, Prithvi questions if she believes this is a really big achievement as it is not the case as even though she was able to deceive them, they all are going to figure it out, Sherlin shouts at him demanding that he stop as whenever she makes a plan he always has to say something that ruins everything.

Sherlin asks if he thought that she would forgive Mahira so easily after what she did to him, she vows to take her revenge not knowing that Mahira is standing behind her, Prithvi tries to signal her but she doesnot listen, he forces her to turn so she gets shocked seeing Mahira, Prithvi feels worried that everything has ruined, Sherlin questions why did he not tell her that Mahira was standing behind her, Prithvi explains that he tried to warn her but she did not listen, Prithvi leave saying she has carry on as he needs to go to work.

Mahira comes questioning what has happened because she feel Sherlin is up to no good, Sherlin tries to refuse saying that there is nothing of the sort, Mahira exclaims she knows when Sherlin says there is nothing of the sort then it is something of really tension, Sherlin assures they are still friends but Mahira warns that if she ever tries to go against her then would pay the price, Mahira purposefully throws the juice on Sherlin, explaining if she needs to talk then should come to the garden, Sherlin thinks that she has made arrangements for her.

Mahira walks downstairs when Pammi comes questioning where she is going as she should come with her to the garden where they would talk without any problem, Pammi asks when she is going to leave their house as the guests always leave and it is the ritual that when the guests leave, they are presented with the Kalish and gifts.

Preeta walks into the house where Shristhi and Sameer are waiting, they reveal that they are going to find proof in Mahira’s room, Preeta stops them saying there is no need because Karan revealed Mahira was with him the day of the murder, they all see Sohail who comes with the mobile, Sameer asks if it was repaired when he reveals that they cannot play the video as the files are corrupted.
They call the contact number of Bakra number 3 when the mobile rings, they search the mobile and then are shocked to see that the mobile is in the room of Sherlin, she deletes the contact history so Sherlin doesnot get suspicious after which they rush out of the room.

Preeta explains she is sure that Mahira is not the murderer, they will now find the slipper which is the only proof that is going to help them, she advises Shristhi and Sameer to stop Mahira meanwhile she searches for the slipper.

Mahira is with Pammi when she explains that they have talked enough so she needs to go as there is some important work, Pammi refuses to let her leave, saying she is also staying just the same way her mother entered the house of her friend, Mahira warns her she is just resisting because of her age, Pammi explains she is trying to figure out why is Mahira still in the room, Mahira replies she is because of Karan, Pammi is tensed saying he is married however Mahira is not concerned, she thinks that she would call her father who will be able to save Karan as he has already helped a lot of criminals, she walks out of the room.

Preeta is finally able to find the slipper, Shristhi tries to stop Mahira however she does not want to even listen and leaves pushing Shristhi away, she wonders how she can stop Mahira as if she enters her room, Sherlin will come out and would be alerted that they are still trying to search for Bakra number 3.

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