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This Is Fate Friday 10th December 2021 On zee world

This Is Fate Friday 10th December 2021 On zee world
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This Is Fate Friday 10th December 2021 On zee world: On This Is Fate Friday 10 December 2021, Karan is standing in the jail cell, Preeta enters with a tiffin for him, he immediately starts smiling just after seeing her, she walks to him, he questions what has happened because she is really tensed, Karan says that he is really happy with himself, Preeta mentions it is because her views relating to the situation are different, Preeta mentions she is still angry with him, Karan tries to make her feel comfortable however she is not convinced, he then asks her to make him feel calm, Preeta mentions that under this situation it is not possible, she tries to hand him the tiffin but he says that he is still The Karan Luthra and no one can show him any sort of attitude otherwise, Preeta replies that he would call Sophia or Melhiska, Preeta and Karan both are laughing.

Prithvi seeing them from the corner exclaims they both are still smiling and had it been him with Sherlin, they both would have gotten into a really ugly fight, Preeta hurts her hand but at first, doesnot say anything to Karan, he exclaims that he would have kissed her hand if it was hurt, she then mentions that it hurts a little bit, they both kiss each other’s hands.

Prithvi says to his heart that it must not hurt because Karan is in jail so still has a chance, Preeta assures Karan that she would make sure Karan is evicted from all the charges and she would not take the blame on herself but prove that both of them are innocent, Prithvi prays that Preeta might not be able to find the truth because if she is able to then his truth of being involved in the case would be revealed after which he would not be able to marry Kritika, the constable says that the time of the meeting is over, Karan exclaims how much Preeta talks then says that she would get a punishment so asks her to bring him breakfast in the morning, Preeta agrees so leaves crying from the police station.

In the morning Suresh comes to the table while Preeta is serving the food, Rakhi comes and Preeta immediately asks where she had been, Rakhi mentions that she went to meet Karan and he just stood there listening to her but then Karan said that Mahesh came to meet him before her and they both had discussed a lot of things, Preeta exclaims this is why he was not in his bedroom, but she thought he went on his morning walk. Rakhi explains that Karan also said a lot of things which she never thought he was capable of so desires to inform them all, she reveals that while she was talking with Karan, he mentioned how he has realized the importance of their father as to when he is around him they all feel really blessed so he made her promise that she would take care of the entire family and that no one in the family has tears in their eyes.

This Is Fate Friday 10th December 2021 On zee world: Rakhi explains that Karan was able to witness they need to take care of Mahesh’s health so they all should be really careful while being close to him, she knows the entire Luthra family is going through a storm but they can turn the tide and make sure Mahesh is healthy, Preeta agrees to the request of Karan mentioning that he is right and they will follow it, Kritika also agrees, Rakhi leaves but Preeta following her assures her that she would bring back Karan, Mahesh papa’s birthday is next week so she promises her that they would not have to wait for the happiness, Preeta assures her that Karan would come out of the jail and also the reports of Mahesh Papa would get better.

Karan is waiting, he gets delighted just as Preeta walks into the police station, she exclaims how he would have been waiting for the breakfast however he denies that he was actually waiting for the breakfast but then mentions that he was really waiting for her.

She asks him to sit, he explains that the only way she can be made quiet is to be romantic with her, she starts taking out the breakfast, they both get into a quarrel over who lies when Karan mentions that did he say he actually wanted to know more about her, Preeta gets nervous then prepares a bite for Karan which he eats from her hands, Preeta pours out some milk for Karan but he is just staring at her, she hands him the glass then also pours one for herself, he asks her to say if she missed him.

This Is Fate Friday 10th December 2021 On zee world: Preeta denies missing him however he demands that he speak the truth but she replies that she immediately went to sleep, he pulls her closer threatens to kiss her she then mentions that she really missed him because of which she was not able to sleep in the night, they both are sitting when Karan thinks that he lovers her which Preeta hears, when she questions if he said anything, he denies saying anything, they both sit staring at each other.

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