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 These Streets Wednesday 5th January 2022

These Streets Teasers - February 2022
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These Streets Wednesday 5th January 2022: on  These Streets Wednesday 5 January 2022.

Shan says Puchki run.. Some goons stop Asmita. He says give us this girl. We will kill you otherwise. Asmita says dare touching my daughter. Asmita hits them but someone hits Asmita on head with a rod. Asmita faints. Krishi says mama. Asmita tries to save her. Shan hits the goon and says how dare you touch the girl. All the thugs stop Shan. Shan hits them. A thug picks Krishi. Asmita and Shan look for Krishi. Krishi bits him nd runs. Krishi stands on the terrace. The goon comes near her and she falls down.

Asmita and Shan run downstairs. Asmita is crying. Asmita picks Krishi. Shan hits the goons. Shan says go from run from here. Asmita says shan but you.. He says you run. Krishi’s life is in danger. Shikhawat says Asmita let’s go.. We have to take Krishi to the

Krishi is rushed to the hospital. The doctor says you are too late. There has been enormous blood loss. Shan is badly injured. The goons hit him madly. Thaku ma says only a father can do all this for his daughter. They are about to stab him. Thaku ma says stop. Leave him. Go Shan save your daughter. She is in City Hospital. Shan says thank you. You showed there is still humanity in you. Thaku ma says she is your and Asmita’s blood. She has God in her.

The doctor says Asmita your blood isn’t matching her. It’s rare. Her father’s blood group would match it. Contact and call him here. Asmita cries. Asmita says how do we call Shan now.
Nandani is angry. She says how can Krishi get out of that hell. Nevi says has God in her. She had to be saved. I feel pity for you. You can’t change the truth. God protects her. Your husband went running to save her. It’s his blood. It’s bigger than your conspiracies. Nandani says you forgot what can I do. I will never let shan accept Krishi is his daughter. He will only be Chahat’s father. Nevi says their love won’t let you win. Nandani says mind is always above heart. So let’s see.

Asmita is worried. She tries calling Shan. Shikhawat says don’t worry. I have spoken to some people. They can arrange blood. Her treatment is being done. Nandani calls Shan and says where are you.. Our car met an accident. Please come. Chahat is injured. She turns off her phone. Shan says who should I go to? Nandani or Shan? Asmita calls Shan. It doesn’t dial. Asmita says please Shan pick up the phone. Krishi needs you. Shan tries calling Nandani. Her phone is off. Shan says Krishi has Asmita and Shikhawat with her. what should I do.

Nandani and Chahat are in car. Nandani says what happened? Chahat says you hit your car and you said we met an accident? You told him I am injured. Nandani says you want papa to go to Krishi? Chahat says no. Nandani says so I am protecting your papa from Krishi. Asmia keeps calling Shan. Adutya calls asmita Shan’s phone is off and he isn’t in Sona Gachi. Asmita calls Nevi and says is Shan home? Nevi says I thought he is with you and Krishi. Asmita says Shan where are you. My daughter needs you.

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