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These Streets Tuesday 4th January 2022

These Streets Teasers - February 2022
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These Streets Tuesday 4th January 2022: These Streets Tuesday 4January 2022.

Asmita and Aditya look for Krishi. Someone locks Asmita and Shan in a room. Shan says who locked the door? Thaku ma says I did. Thaku ma comes in. She says finally you two are here. You come back to your roots. Aditya says you.. Thaku ma says if you are here to have fun, welcome. You can’t mess with our business. Last time an inspector came here, he went out in two pieces. Asmita says I want my daughter. Thaku ma says whoever comes here, never goes back. This swamp swallows a girl. Your daughter didn’t come here. How could you let her come here? How could you be so careless? Shan says please help us. Thaku ma says did you help me? When I was not even surviving. Aditya says I have to search this place then. She says do you have a warrant? You know our source. Go to your office before your transfer letter goes there. Asmita says please give my daughter back. I beg you. Thaku ma says go before I break your left. Get out. Asmita says I beg you, please. Shan says let’s go Asmita. He picks her. Asmita says no. Shan says to try to understand.


Krishi is getting ready. The girls do her makeup. Krishi says I like dancing. Is there a function? I would dance on holi. I get a prize. Nani said this time my prize would be mummy papa.

Krishi wakes up crying. Nandani says what happened? She says I saw a bad dream. I was in a swamp. I was only going inside. Nandani says your mama won’t let any trouble come to you. Go get fresh. Nevi says you have a heart? Does it only beat for one daughter? I know you did all this to Krishi. Nandani says you are wise. Yes I did it all. No one can bring her back now. Nevi says what if someone does that to your daughter. Nandani says shut up. If you say a word against chaht your Moni would go there as well. Nevi is about to slap her. Nandani says mind your business then.

Krishi is ready. She says do I look pretty? Girls dress like this in fancy dress competition. Let me go dancing. The girls say I hope God protects her.
Thaku ma says where is Helan bai? Helan bai comes. She says I heard you have a diamond which is only for my bari. Thaku ma says yes, it is worth your bari. Thaku ma says in heart, I hope Helan buys Krishi and takes her away so Shan and Asmita can never find her.

Chahat says why does this happen to Krishi? Why does she have to suffer? Nevi says God takes test from brave Kids. God will protect her. Nevi says in heart I don’t know why this happens. Shan and Asmita come together for her. Please save her God.

Scene 3
The dance starts. Krishi comes on the floor. She dances on Deewani hogai. Helan looks at her. They shove money on her. Krishi dances. Shan and Asmita peek in. Shan is dressed as a Pathan. Shan says we have to get Krishi out of here without getting recognized. Asmita says will we save her? Shan says a mother never gives up. Shan holds Asmita’s hand. Asmita covers her face. They come inside. Everyone claps for Krishi. Helan says this girl is ours from now. Helan touches Krishi’s face. Shan shoves her hand away. Krishi says papa. Shan throttles her. Helan’s men hit Shan. Asmita slaps Helan. She says how dare you to touch my daughter. I won’t even let you touch her. Asmita hugs Krishi and says are you okay? Krishi says I am fine.

Shan says Asmita run with Krishi from here. They take Shan inside. Asmita says but.. Shan says you run. Some men stop Asmita. Asmita hits them. Shan says run. Shan says Puchki run.. Asmita stops. Shan hits Helan’s men. Asmita says I can’t leave Shan alone here.

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