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These Streets Sunday 2nd January 2022

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These Streets Sunday 2nd January 2022: on These Streets Sunday 2 January 2022 .

Pandit ji asks Krishi to give him pooja things. He says why are you upset? She says I feel like God isn’t with me. She isn’t helping me. Pandit ji says keep trusting her. She will help you for sure. Pandit ji gives her parsad. Nevi comes there. Nevi says don’t worry bari ma. Everything would be okay. Pandit ji just told me everything will be fine. Durga Ma will unite my parents. Pandit ji says this sindur is filled in hairline of a married woman on this day. So their couple becomes strong forever. Krishi says what is sindur ma? Nevi tells her sindur is worn by married women. It protects her husband no matter where she is and their relationship becomes stronger. Krishi says so if mama wear papa’s sindur this day, they will be together forever? Nevi says I hope

Asmita wears Shan’s sindur today not Shikhawat. Nandani says this won’t happen. And I am seeing you helping this girl along with Moni. This won’t be good for you. Krishi says you can’t threaten my bari ma. And God is with us. I know you separated my parents. But God will unite them today. He will fill her hairline. Nandani says we will see whose hairline he fills. Ashish is there to kidnap Krishi. Nandani says you will go to Sona gachi and never come back.

Asmita collides with Shan. Shikhawat comes there. He says Asmita sindur thali. He says I can’t tell you how happy I am. Come. Shan and Asmita look at each other. Her pallu gets stuck in his watch. Shikhawat pulls it. The song jo bheji thi dua plays. Ashish is disguised a woman. He falls. Asmita says are you okay? He runs. Nandani says are you crazy? You have to be careful. Ashish says no one can save her from me. I will find her and send her to sona gachi.

Asmita says there are too many guests Krishi. Stay with me. Shikhawat says come let me introduce you to my guests. A girl says let’s have some celebration. Let’s go dance. Asmita dance, please. Asmita says I can’t. Nandani says aren’t you happy about this wedding? Why are you upset? Shan says first-time Nandani is right. It doesn’t seem like you’re happy. Shikhawat says Asmita please show them if you point a finger, three fingers point at yo. Asmita goes to dance. Shikhawat says you will all see how well she dances and how happy she is.

Asmita dances on silsa yeh chahat ka. Ashish plans to kidnap Krishi from there. Krishi stands there and claps. The chandelier is falling on Krishi.. Asmita runs to save her. The chandelier falls on her. shan saves her. Shikhawat picks Krishi. Asmita and Shan get up. Asish says she got saved. There is only one way now. He comes with a tranquilizer. Ashish walks towards Krishi.

Shan picks Asmita. Krishi comes to Asmita and says yay. There is a red color on mama’s hairline from papa’s hand. No one can part them now.

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