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These Streets Saturday 8th January 2022

These Streets Teasers - February 2022
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These Streets Saturday 8th January 2022: on These Streets Saturday 8th January 2022.

Krishi says won’t I look good in the saree? She walks in. Krishi says, right papa? Shan says Krishi.. He hugs her. Krishi says thank you for saving me from those bad people. Did you bring me saree? I would wear it in pooja. I love wearing new clothes. Why did you leave me alone in the hospital? I came early just to meet you. Nandani says he helped you as much he could. Don’t try to be baggage on him for life. Shan says Chahat was not well either. So I had to come. Krishi says am I not your daughter? Still, you think I am not? Why did you save me? Why did you give me your blood? The doctor told me everything. Are you not my papa? Then why do you love me? Why did you help me? Why did you save me? You worry about me. Do you still think I am not your daughter?


says mama, I wont’ talk to papa ever if calls Krishi his daughter. Nandani says your papa won’t ever hurt you. Krishi says papa please tell me I am your daughter. Shan says no, you are not my daughter. I have only one daughter and that’s Chahat. Krishi runs in. Asmita says why do you do this? Why do you hurt her? answer me. One moment, you save her like your daughter. The next moment, you disown her. Don’t you feel any bond for her? Ask your heart. Shan says stop it. I don’t need to answer you anything. Shan says get Kanya Pooja started.
Shan comes to Krishi’s room. She is crying. Nandani says Shan stop. Shan says Krishi. Her foot is bleeding. Krishi says to leave it. Why do you care? You’re not my papa. Shan says please let me dress, it’s bleeding. Krishi says no. Shan says quite. I love you a lot. I care for you. I can’t see you in trouble. I will always be there for you. I will get you anything you need. All of this is because, you are a child. You are special. You are of Chahat’s age. Truth is, I am not your papa. Shikhawat is your papa. Krishi says what is our relationship then? We are nothing to each other? Shan says we have a relationship. We are friends. Krishi says really? He says yes. He dresses her wounds. Shan kisses her forehead. Shan says wear this saree and get ready. You would look really cute.

Krishi comes out in the saree and says do I look cute? Shan says really cute. He does her Kanya pooja. Shan washes her feet. Shan says we can’t let nay Kanya be upset on this day. I am sorry. Your friend will never hurt you again. Krishi hugs him. Shan says what gift do you want? Krishi says I will tell you at right time. Right now, I would only want a hug. Shan hugs her. Asmita looks at them and smiles. Shikhawat comes as well. Shikhawat says Asmita I want to talk about our wedding.

Shikhawat says to Asmita, we should get married soon. This is right for our kids. Krishi says to Shan you have to help me stop mama and Shikhawat uncle’s wedding.

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