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These Streets Monday 3rd January 2022

Written by Tellypings

These Streets Monday 3rd January 2022: On These Streets Monday 3  January 2022, Asmita says Ashish had this tattoo. Her foster father. Shikhawat says correct. Asmita says my daughter. Please do something, She cries. Shikhawat says don’t worry. We will find Krishi.

Krishi wakes up in Sona Gachi. She says where am I? Krishi runs out and says what place is this? Where are mummy papa? A girl says look Puchki. Krishi says mama must be here. A girl says welcome to Pari Mehal. Krishi says are you all farries? Krishi asks a girl to give her phone to call her mom. Thaku ma says come with me I will call your mom. Krishi goes with her.

Asmita comes to Krishi’s foster house. She asks people around. They neighbors say Krishi.. Her real mom took her. Asmita says where is Ashish? They say we don’t know. He was a disgusting man. He tries selling

Krishi to Pari Mehal. Asmita realizes he did the same again. Asmita sits down and cries.
Krishi says give me the phone. I have to ask mama where is she? Thaku ma says first do what I ask. Krishi says no one can go against me here. Your mom never did either. Krishi says so are you, my grandmom? And is this my grandmom’s place? Krishi hugs her. Nandani looks at them. She says I can’t let thaku ma be emotional. I have to disappear Krishi here before Asmita comes.
Asmita is crying on the road. A car comes towards her. Shan saves her and says are you crazy? Do you want to die? Asmita says yes I want to die. I am here and my daughter is there. I don’t deserve to be her mom. What if he sold her? We have lived our life there. What if I can’t get her out? I want my daughter back. Asmita cries. Shan hugs her. Shan says I am with you. I promise you I won’t let anything happen to Krishi. Shikhawat looks at them. He says I can’t let Asmmita be close to Shan.

Nandani says to Thaku ma whose side are you now? I gave you the money to buy this place again. You better remember that. Thaku ma says we have to take a slower route. I am on your side. Nandani says no, I can’t wait. Sell this Krishi so she can never come back.

Scene 2
Asmita meets Aditya. He says are you sure Asmita Krishi is inside? Asmita says yes. Would you help me save my daughter? Aditya says yes. They come inside. Shan is with them. They look for Krishi everywhere.
Shan looks at all the old things. The son tera yaar hoon mein plays. Different girls hit on Shan. Asmita says Krishi.. Krishi hears her voice and says mama I am here. Krishi looks at Asmita from window. Thaku ma’ men take her inside. Krishi says I want to go to mama papa. Asmita says my heart says Krishi is around.

Krishi says to thaku ma I want to go to mama. She must be worried. Why are you not letting me meet them? Did you call them here? They are looking for me. I don’t wanna live here. Thaku ma says shut up. If you want to go to them, do what I ask. Thaku ma asks her girls to get her ready and make her wear anklets. They take Krishi inside. Thaku ma says she will dance today. Krishi says I will dance on any song to meet mummy papa. They take her to a room. Thaku ma says she will be at the darkest place of Pari Mehal where Asmita can’t find er.
Precap-Krishi gets ready for dance. She is brought on the floor.

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