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 These Streets Friday 7th January 2022

These Streets Teasers - February 2022
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These Streets Friday 7th January 2022:on  These Streets Friday 7th January 2022.

Asmita sits down crying. Shan says Krishi, open your eyes. Shan says Asmita, get up. What is this? What drama is this? She would get up and say good papa to me. She can’t leave us. Shan says she will get up. What is all this? The doctor says it’s too late. This is God’s decision. We have to do some formalities. Shan says she is just doing this for fun. Nanadani is there as a nurse. She says I know I would win. This game is over. Asmita and Shan would never be one. Shan hugs Krishi. Nandani says come in next life with a new challenge. I would go home and sleep now. Shan hugs Krishi and says please get up for your good papa. Please. The doctor says Shan you have to go, please. Shan says I am trying to bring her back. The doctor says we tried our best. Shan says I

am doing this as her father. Shan says Krishi please open your eyes. Asmita is crying. The nurse says what is all this? Stop them. The doctor says God does miracles. Nevi is praying for Krishi. Shan hugs Krishi. Krishi’s heartbeat starts coming back. Everyone is shocked.
The doctors check Krishi. He says Shan you stau here. The girl needs you. The doctor says this is a miracle. I have seen this for the first time. She is sent here by God with a special mission. Shan gives blood to Krishi. The song Ashiyana mera plays. The nurse says Shan brought his daughter back to life. Nandani overhears this. She says how is it possible? How is dead Krishi alive?

The doctor says Shan, she is your daughter and you saved her. No one is more important than a father for her son. Only your blood matched with her. Nandani comes in. She says if blood groups match, they become father and daughter? If Shan’s blood group matches any kids’ blood here they would become Shan’s kid? Nandani says Sham I hope you’re not considering it right. The doctor says there are limitations to medicine that humans still can’t understand. There is a strong bond between them. Nandani says she lives in our house. Nandani says Shan you are very nice. You saved Krishi’s life. Even after knowing she is Asmita and Shikhawat’s daughter. Come with me. Chahat needs you. Let’s go home. Shan is leaving. He looks at Krishi.

Shikhawat says Asmita you haven’t eaten anything. Please eat something. Asmita says I won’t eat anything unless Krishi is okay. Shikhawat says you would fall ill too. You have to be there for her. You have to be strong for her. Let me get you something to eat. The nurse comes to Asmita and says Krishi has opened eyes. Asmita runs in.

Asmita hugs Krishi. Asmita says Krishi are you okay?? You scared mama. Krishi says where is papa? Is he okay? Is he injured? Asmita says he is fine. He was here. Krishi says why is he not here right now? I want to meet him. Please take me home to him. How can he leave me alone here? Please take me to papa. Please, mama. Asmita says no, you are not well. Asmita says I will call him here. Krishi says please mama.
Asmita comes outside and cries. She says why am I so helpless. I can’t give my daughter her father. I don’t know what to do. I hope Shan has realized Krishi is his daughter.

Shan is doing pooja. He says ma, are we all ready for Kanya pooja? Chahat says what is it? Shan says we do pooja of our daughters. I got you a saree you would look cute in it. Krishi says I would too right papa?

Precap-Chahat says papa if you consider Krishi your daugter,
I won’t ever talk to you. Krishi says after so much you still think I am not your daughter?

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