Strange Love Wednesday 7th December 2021 On Starlife

Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021
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Strange Love Wednesday 7th December 2021:The episode began withh Asta thinking why Indrajeet was angry at him, and felt bad with his rudeness. Indrajeet came to him and said sorry, I was angry at Shlok, I would not make this mistake again. He said it’s okay. He closes it. He said I’m sorry, I feel weird. He thought until when he would stay away from him, one day he had to be close. He thought why he felt bad if he approached, he was her husband, why he was uncomfortable, why did I always reject it. He asked him to him, and asked if there was a problem. He said after an accident, he felt he would be fine after some time, they were husband and wife, and had children, why did he do this.

He said even I thought about this, I felt uncomfortable when you touched me, gave me sometime, I knew I was wrong,

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I am not yours completely, I’m sorry. He goes. He said now you are my Barkha, and I won’t let you become Asta again.
Surbhi found a happy Shlok. Shlok told SOJal that Asta taught her to be happy and lived life, and apologized for her to be rude. He said it was fine, but when he was rude, the pain didn’t touch it, when he got his love astha, the pain was around him, now I hope you immediately get astha and they are united and remain happy. Shlok says yes, this will happen. Asta brings juice for Indrajeet. He apologizes again. He said it’s okay.

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He said I didn’t want your worries to height, he broke you to talk. He said, don’t worry, I know how to handle it. He asked if he was sure, he couldn’t stand anything. He promised he would not go outside alone. He said well and left. Apsara heard them, and said whether he was a child because it didn’t come out. Asta said the children were angry, I would take them out when Indrajeet returned.

Strange Love Wednesday 7th December 2021:Apsara thinks Asta will come out, but Indrajeet should not be with him. He called Shlok and told Astha alright and gave news. He said Indrajeet stopped Asta from going alone, he was afraid that his Barkha would become Asta again. Shlok said my Asta would be mine. Apsara asked his plan. He said he had a plan and told him. They smile. He ended the call and said smart Shlok and gave a good idea.

Apsara asks children to have a brown milkshake. Shantanu refused and he insisted. Shlok called him and told him that Shantanu liked Pani Puri, and he talked to him in front of the children. Shlok asked him to provoke them. He tells about Gla’s ice. He mentioned Chaat. Asta came there. Shantanu asked Astha to remove them for Chaat. Mishti said but not hygienic, we can get sick. Asta said even I like to eat it. Apsara said but the kiosk will go at 6pm. Shantanu said we could go together.

Asta said if my father knew, he would scold us. Apsara said he would not know if anyone did not tell him. Asta said yes, this is a secret to us. He hugged the children and smiled.Shlok meets Stall Chaat’s vendor and says he needs his help. Tiwari said Chowksi explained everything, he would manage, don’t worry. Shlok go and hide. Astha come and talk to Tiwari, asking him to make the kiosk. Mishti says he looks like Sapna today. Shantanu asked him not to say it. Astha and children eat children. Shantanu says he wants to have Gola. He said fine, finish this first. He took their photos. Shlok smiles to see happy.

Strange Love Wednesday 7th December 2021:He asked Sojal to see how he became Astha her, Astha still alive in him. Sojal says yes, children can identify you. He said no, my fight is with Indrajeet, not children. Sojal say you still think of the children, no one can do this easily. Shlok call Chowki. Chowksi Sa.

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