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Strange Love Wednesday 14th December 2021: The episode begins with Shlok which covers Asta with a blanket. She sleeps. He looked at him sitting beside him. He took his picture on his call. Music played …………. He put his head on his shoulder. He dropped it. Khuda ………… .plays ………… … he came out. Jyoti came to Renuka and found him upset. He said I’m sorry, I love you very much, so I’m worried for you, the day I stepped in this house, I always try to make a place in your heart, but the relationship doesn’t have sweetness, and ask him to forget everything, can’t they make a new start , this family means a lot to him, he will do anything for them and promise him. He asked if he forgave him. Renuka said yes. Jyoti asks if he has tea. Renuka nodded. Jyoti walked happily. Renuka said he spoke so sweet, I didn’t like it at all, how I would make a new start.

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That morning, Astha got up and didn’t see Shlok. He said he left, it’s okay, he went alone. He asked where he left him. He said you were sleeping, so I left, came now. Rekha said he felt well here. Sojal said he was worried to Shlok and Asta, he said he would come in the morning. Chowksi asked him not to worry, he would come, we would get ready. Rekha asked him to remember his dialogue properly. Sojal said Asta should not doubt us.

Indrajeet asked his staff to track Barkha’s phone and scold him by saying he would not involve the police, it was a problem with his family. Apsara looked at and said breakfast. He said he didn’t need anything. He was angry and said Barkha with Shlok all night, he could make my hard work failed in one night, I just hoped he didn’t remember him was Astha.

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Strange Love Wednesday 14th December 2021: Mala gave coffee to Ankush. Ajju came and Mala gave coffee. He said he didn’t see Kalindi. Ankush said Kalindi came out, let him be in the fresh air and saw people, he would feel happy to talk to people, don’t worry, he would come back, would be good to spend time running out. Ajju said yes, but his health. Ankush says don’t worry, if we stop it, we won’t let it get well, we shouldn’t remind him of illness. Mala said yes, he said correctly, if he arrived late, we would ask him where he was. Ajju thought where he was leaving in the morning and worried.

Asta said I can’t walk more, I’m hungry. Shlok said he would order food from a five-star hotel, have it. He said very funny. He said even I was hungry and I controlled. He said I couldn’t control, do something to organize food. He went to bring watermelon. He asked how to eat, how to cut it. He hit him on a rock and violated it. He said thank you and asked him to have half. He started eating. The melon seed sticks to his nose. He looked at him.

He said your nose. He said I knew it was very good. He said there was something on it. He said oh and eliminate seeds. He said we would leave now. He said yes, it’s gone. Chelkki, Rikha and Sojal come there dress like a thug and hide on the face. They held them and Asta asked Dacoit in this age. Shlok asked if he came to see the calendar. Chowki asked them to take what they had, otherwise he would shoot. Asta introduced itself and Shlok. Asta asked where the weapon was. Chowki said I had a bullet, I would throw and hit. Asta said leave me. Shlok said it was excessive.

Strange Love Wednesday 14th December 2021: Shlok said we had nothing, we just arrived. He asked Shlok to get an angry situation. He said a coward and started coughing, said he was sick, he had a few days, don’t approach me, you saw my jewelry, and coughed on it, said it also had a germ now. Chowksi asked him to save it. He said he was dying immediately and asked him to let him go. Chowksi said alright, my heart melted and they all left. Asta was relieved and smiled. Kalindi met a lawyer and asked him to submit a case and win too. The lawyer said alright, I would make a document. He asked him to immediately make it, because a lot of time wasted. NS.

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