Strange Love Thursday 8th December 2021 On Starlife

Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021
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Strange Love Thursday 8th December 2021 On Starlife:The episode starts with Renuka conducting a naam Karan / naming ceremony. Jyoti came and sat among the guests. Sid found Jyoti sad. Renuka keeps the name inside, to make his family name. Guests like the name, as simple as that and pleasant. They go. Renuka scolded Jyoti to keep his functions so simple, and blame him for filling the ears of Sid. He goes. SID holds Jyoti’s hand and calms him down. He asked him not to worry, because everything would be fine.

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Astha thought she spoke atrathi. Indrajeet came and asked him if he met Shlok outside, why he didn’t tell him. He said he didn’t say, because he didn’t want to trouble him, he just saw him, he didn’t meet, because he was a stranger. He asked why he was fighting. He said I lost my wallet and he returned it. He thought why he lied to him. He said that’s why I asked you not to go alone, why did you disagree. He said I’m sorry, I promised not to go alone. He said he spoke at Marathi again. He said he said before he learned Marathi from a waiter. He said that’s what I thought about. He was worried.

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SID talked to Sojal and said Jyoti really missed them. He asked if Astha got her memory and asked her to trust Bappa.

Strange Love Thursday 8th December 2021 On Starlife:Surbhi comes to Shlok and says I don’t think you can love Asta or anyone. He said he brought a lot of changes in my life, I couldn’t say how much I love Asta. He said I knew it, I felt it would be better if you made me meet formally with Asta in the old style. He said life was very strange, it created the situation and did not know where anyone met anytime. He said he wanted to create a situation to meet Asta, to remind everything to him without hurting him.

SID talked with his parents and asked Jyoti to come. They started leaving and he got a call. He said what, I came, I will discuss the news. He told him that the flood came in the nearest village and my team went there, the big news, I had to leave, sorry. He said Renuka with him, the work was important, you left. Sid asks where Renuka is. He said he went to see someone. Sid asks he will manage. He said yes, but I’m afraid of knowing the news, they need you more, please help them and be careful. He said alright. Renuka came and asked where he was leaving. He told about the flood incident. Renuka stopped it.

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Renuka said he would not let him risk his life. Sid says people in trouble and need help, I have to go, I know you love me, but how you can be selfish. He said he was not selfish, and wanted his salvation. Jyoti said if he could help them, it was better to let him go. Renuka scolds him and said SID won’t leave. Sid said I would leave. Renuka said when Jyoti supports you. Sid said I knew Jyoti would not stop me, and asked him to pack his bag. Renuka prayed for Sid to make sense and cried for the risk of his life.

Asta asked Indrajeet for breakfast. He said it’s not now, I have a lot of workload, I have to go to meet too, can you help me, urgently. He said I didn’t understand. He said you did it before, I believe your efficiency. He said alright, I have no problem, I will do it. He sat working. He thought he would make him so busy so that Shlok would never be able to meet him, he couldn’t get out now. Apsara came and said he prepared a puja plate. Indrajeet said I didn’t know you had to go a temple, it’s okay, we’ll go together.

Strange Love Thursday 8th December 2021 On Starlife:Asta said it was fine, I won’t leave today. He asked if you were sure. He said yes, we have a temple at home too, I will do puja at home. He said alright and left. Apsara thinks Shlok might go to the temple, how convincing Astha to go to the temple. SID Thank you Jyoti and say he is proud that he understands him. He held his hand and asked him to be careful and didn’t feelaboutt from Renuka’s words. He said I knew he didn’t like it.

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