Strange Love Thursday 15th December 2021 On Starlife

Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021
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Strange Love Thursday 15th December 2021: The episode begins with a stunned look Shlok holding Indrajeet Astha. Shlok said he had a safe in the house. Astha said I would go to my room. Apsara smiled and thought Romeo was very nice style. Kalindi Ajju asked where he was going, why he did not send Ankush or carry it. Kalindi said I was going for some work. Mala said she speak normally. Ankush Ajju asked what he thinks.

Sojal, Rekha and Chowksi think about Shlok and Astha and how hard he passed. Sojal said he was pleased to see them together, I got hope that Astha will be back. Chowksi say it will happen, do not worry. Sojal said Shlok been strong in this bad time, he trusted his love and Astha, that he will return one day, but I felt hurt that Astha not remember anything. Chowski said we would try to get him to remember everything, why do we have to lose courage if Shlok sure.

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Indrajeet ask how this happened. Astha tells me everything how Shlok come there and help him. He says I do not know how I would return, if he’s not there. Indrajeet said I understand, I have to thank him. He thanked the Shlok for helping his wife. Shlok say no, I’m much trouble, how can I leave a chance to do exactly that. He rattles hand and approached to say Astha take care of me, I know it’s hard, but please call me if you need anything. He goes with the style. Apsara smile.

Ajju come to Kalindi. Ajju said she felt she was hiding something. Kalindi said there was nothing like it. Ajju said I know you since 27 years, you are my daughter, tell me. Kalindi says I can not say anything, please do not ask me. Ajju said I knew there was something, are not you going to tell me. Kalindi says you will know when the right time arrives. Surbhi meet Sojal and asked about the trip. Shlok asked when he was coming. Surbhi says now.

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Strange Love Thursday 15th December 2021: Shlok say about Varad call, he could not speak on land. Sojal said yes, he called me and said Baba was fine. Shlok expect Baba to be good and Astha back, then they can go back to Pune, Anjali to their Nivas. Indrajeet scold the driver and asked how he could leave Madame alone in the woods. The driver apologized and said mechanical make him drink wine and he could not get up. Indrajeet scold call irresponsible. She asked him not to show his face and asked him to go. The driver said sorry, I accept my mistake, but I will not do this again.

Astha says it is not his fault. Indrajeet said I can not take a chance with your safety, he must be punished. He paid his salary and fired. The driver apologized to Astha and says talk with Pak, how I would run my home. He says do not worry, I’ll talk to him later, he was very angry now. Ankush said I was missing today, because Kalindi said I could not do anything, maybe he thought we did not find Astha with the heart, so we failed, I was a bad kid. Mala said trust me, you are a good son, you also know how much you try to find Astha.

He said no, I can not do anything, I think Kalindi true, but even those that have a lot to bear, and they also find Astha, conducted a case against them is not true. Mala said everything would be fine. Indrajeet said I’m sure Shlok had planned all this, if not, how the nails may appear on the road and their transfer, is scheduled to spend time with Astha alone and make him remember his past, but I guess destiny is on my side, Astha do not remember anything and now I will take precautions that Shlok not meet Astha and not reminding anything.

Strange Love Thursday 15th December 2021 : Kalindi view photos Astha and reminded of his childhood. He cries. Astha sleep and remember Shlok. He shouted for help. Indrajeet came and asked what happened, are you okay, what is the need to do this, the driver can take the ID card, you are injured and in this way … If something happens t

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