Strange Love Sunday 18th December 2021 On Starlife

Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021
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Strange Love Sunday 18th December 2021 On Starlife: Episod begins with Shlok and Astha being friends. He left with flowers. He told the children who would tell the father that they would come out. Mishti said I would say. Asta said then I will go with Shantanu. Children refuse to say anything. They hand in hand to keep it a secret. Apsara said I forgot to tell Shlok that Astha went to the designer. He called Shlok. He said he had good news, Asta came to Chawl and we became friends, whether he returned. Apsara said no, he went to the designer, and Indrajeet went to the office, he would come evening. He said alright, I will come.

Asta came to the designer and met Indrajeet. He said why he arrived late. He said he went to meet Shlok, he had to say thank you for helping children and regret too. He said he didn’t like it, he said the truth, even then he trusted him. Designers show some designs and ask for it to choose. Asta looked a little and asked Indrajeet to choose anything, the choice was his choice. He asked Megha to bring more catalogs and go home, he didn’t like this design. He went with Asta and children.

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Apsara asked Shlok what he would do. Shlok said he was thinking of something special, he would make this room for Asta Agnihotri. He asked him to accept the items he ordered. He saw his picture and said I hope you like this surprise. Indrajeet asked Astha why he was upset. He said I’m sorry. He said I saw you didn’t like anything, I wanted if you were interested in everything. He said I knew, I’m sorry, but everything is incomplete, I know it’s our wedding, but I’m not happy with my way.

He said he wanted a simple life, we got unnecessary complications after Shlok came in our lives, who he was to us, why we gave him an important meaning, he would feel good if he likes to see the settings. He said yes. Apsara smiled at the balloon and soft toys. Shlok said now ASTHA room choice. Apsara likes it. Shlok said I had everything with Asta. Indrajeet and Astha home.

Apsara said someone came, Mr. sent someone to decorate the room. Indrajeet says I have sent? And rushed to see. Indrajeet and Asta see the room. He thought he was sure Shlok did this to make Asta remember the past. Astha likes and smile. Apsara hid and looked at. Asta said so you took me out, to give me this surprise, I like this.

Apsara thinks Shlok does this and he doesn’t remember anything. Shlok called Indrajeet and said he knew Asta’s Choice well, and I had put everything in the room, so there was no need to force your choice to him, my wife was with you for some time, take care of him, if he had complaints. , I will not leave you. He ended the call. Indrajeet is angry.

Strange Love Sunday 18th December 2021 On Starlife: Shlok thinks astha. He thought he would be very happy to see the room, I knew his happiness in a small bit. He sent him a good night. He thought about it and received his message. He answered good night to him. He smiled. He said what happened, why did I think of this about Shlok, why did I feel time to spend time with him, wrong happiness, I would be interested in him, why.

Strange Love Sunday 18th December 2021 On StarlifeThat morning, Shlok thought I knew Astha wanted to meet me, but there must be a reason. He called him and said about the Maharashtrian food festival and new dishes would be introduced. He said I couldn’t come, sorry, there was a wedding preparation that happened. He asks whose marriage. He said mine, when I got married before, it was a court marriage, so my husband wanted me to marry by all the rituals on our 10th anniversary, I don’t remember anything, as I met no accident, maybe fate I didn’t want to remember the time then I. He ended the call. Indrajeet shows a wedding card to Asta and says it’s good. He said yes. He said you said it casually, I said he had to get involved, this is our wedding card

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