Strange Love Saturday 17th December 2021 On Starlife

Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021
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Strange Love Saturday 17th December 2021 On Starlife: The episode begins with a mock Indrajeet Shlok and leave. Shlok say this can not happen, I have to stop it. Chowksi say we need to think and plan. Sojal said he would show mandap to Astha, so I’ll tell you what to do. Shlok ask Chowksi to find out. Indrajeet and Astha came to see mandap a. Chowksi kept an eye on them. Astha looks around. A woman scolds the shoulder and said some statements like Anjali says Astha. He got a few glimpses. Astha think he feels like if someone says this.

Indrajeet says Astha that he likes this. He said he felt this very idea, I do not know why, I like this, keep this mandap and decoration. He said sure, you sit in the car, I will complete the formalities. He asked people to keep the same mandap and no gold curtains and flowers. Shlok spoke to Chowksi. Indrajeet come to Astha and says he has a meeting imp, he will drop him. He got the call and tell the client get there, you go home with a driver. She asks him to be careful and take it home. He took a taxi and leaves.

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A boy came infront of car driving cycles and fall. She got sober. People began beating the driver. Shlok look and said the boy came from the wrong side, let me see. Shlok came and said children had reached the hospital, and took the child quickly. Astha says I have a car, we will go by car, we can be reached soon. Shlok and Astha him to the hospital.

Doctors say children are injured, take him in, I’ll check him. Sojal come to know Shlok go with Astha to take the kids to the hospital. Sojal said I would rush there and Rekha stop him. Astha said he would pay the bill and ask the doctor to save the child. The doctor asks him not to panic and he would do the job. He asked Shlok to get drugs. He asks Astha to wait outside, she would call when the child got unconscious. He thought not let anything happen to this child, what will I tell his parents, to save him.

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Strange Love Saturday 17th December 2021 On Starlife: Shlok asked the nurse to provide the best care for the child, he would pay the bill. She cared for the boy. Astha looks on. He thought why Shlok behaved strangely, I’m with him, and he ignored me. Shlok bring him coffee. He said thank you, I need this. He thinks I know well what you need and when. He stood up to go and drink coffee. Coffee fell on him and he rushed to get ointment. He behaved and cared for him. Astha look at him. He went and sat down. Khuda …………… plays ………… .. She looks at him.

The police came there and asked him about the accident. He said that my car, but I was not driving, my driver was driving. He said he was putting the blame driver, this is the case these days, come with us to the police station. Shlok told why he was coming, he says he does not drive a car, he gets the child to the hospital, she would run away from there. He said he Shlok Agnihotri, and he had seen a child come in the wrong way, he could ask him too.

They went on to ask the boy as he got sober. Indrajeet got done meeting and clients leave. He said I should talk to Barkha, I had to leave him alone. He calls and can not speak. The boy said it was my fault, I’m going to the wrong side because I had a bet with my friends, I was driving fast and got crashed into his car. He got an indrajeet phone. inspector apologized. He said fine, I know you’re doing your job. He says I told the boy’s parents, they will come. The boy apologized to Shlok and Astha.

Strange Love Saturday 17th December 2021 On Starlife: Doctors asked them to stay here until his parents came, as children are afraid. Astha wants to talk to Shlok. Parents come to cry and thank Shlok. Women bless him. Shlok said he was fine, do not cry. Women want God fulfill all his wishes. Shlok want to get Astha, and he needed anything. He said he also helped me. The man thanked him. Shlok say they can see their children.

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