Strange Love Saturday 10th December 2021 On Starlife

Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021
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Strange Love Saturday 10th December 2021 On Starlife:The episode starts with Jyoti watching the news and worrying about Sid. He called his friend Vikas and asked about Siddharth. He asked if everything was fine, what this sound was, what happened there. The call ended and he was worried. He called Renuka and he disconnected. Jyoti thinks what to do now. Riya came and asked her to have fruits, because she didn’t have breakfast. Jyoti said he was afraid to safety Sid, and where did Ibum go. Riya asked her not to worry.

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Asta got a call from Indrajeet and said the kids left, the bus on time, I saved their ID card, don’t worry. Apsara came and save the ID card back to the closet. He thought he took the ID card and now he must come out. Asta said I would not come out and end the call. Asta got a teacher’s call and said no, I had sent ID, Alright I’ll look home and take it. He asked Kamla to find the ID. Apsara showed ID card and gave him. Asta said but I continued in the bag. Kamla said he might forget. Asta said I didn’t have time, I’ll go and give this to the children, you manage the house. He goes. Apsara smiled and called Shlok to tell him that Astha left, the IDE ID card worked.

Strange Love Saturday 10th December 2021 On Starlife:Indrajeet is busy in his meeting in the office. He got a message astha and he said he would give an ID card to children, not knowing how it was abandoned at home. Indrajeet thinks astha should not face Shlok again, Shlok will meet Asta by trying again and again, and he will try not to let them meet. Asta asks drivers to drive quickly. The driver said the way was lonely, not knowing where the bus went away. He asked him to find another way.

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Their car stopped and the driver said there was a diversion in front. He asked him to go ahead. He said there would be a forest on the road. He said alright, I would ask for the teacher’s campaign address. He doesn’t get a network. The car was broken by a nail placed on the ground by Shlok. The driver checked and said the tire was pierced. He said I didn’t know how nails came, I needed to call someone, sitting in the car, I’m just coming. He goes. Asta stood alone and saw the car coming.

Shlok stop the car and go down. He saw his tires pierced. He was surprised to see it and blame him for all this. He said why he planned this, why he would stab his car, and asked him not to act innocently. He blamed him to stab his car to get the company and help. He said he didn’t need help, the driver went to get help. He said I would not help you. They began to argue. He said he hated him. He said even I didn’t love him. He said I would go to my children. He laughed and said there would be tigers. He said I knew the way, shortcut. He goes. He said as your desire and looked at him.

He thought it happened what he wanted, he would make him remember their love. Renuka came to get a bank policy and did not receive Jyoti’s call. He wants to take policies about names and talks in agents. He thought he would take a policy because it would not depend on anyone and a smile. Chowksi talks with the driver and makes him busy. He made him drink and asked Anil not to let him go, and made him drink more.

Strange Love Saturday 10th December 2021 On Starlife:Jyoti was worried for Sid. Renuka home. Jyoti hugged him and said he couldn’t talk to Sid. Renuka said don’t worry, he talked to me, he was fine, he called in the morning, when you went to take a shower. Riya asked Jyoti not to worry. He asked Renuka where he left, he was worried. Renuka said he didn’t want to talk to Jyoti. Riya asked why she didn’t tell Jyoti, seeing her condition. Renuka asked him not to come to defend Jyoti. Riya said Jyoti.

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