Strange Love On Starlife Wednesday 29th December 2021

Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021
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Strange Love On Starlife Wednesday 29th December 2021: The Episode begins with Shlok and Astha becoming companions. She leaves with the blossom. She lets the children know who will let father know that they are going out. Mishti says I will say. Astha says then I will go with Shantanu. The children will remain silent. They hold hands to stay quiet about it. Apsara says I neglected to tell Shlok that Astha went to fashioner. She calls Shlok. He says he has an uplifting news, Astha came to chawl and we became companions, did she return. Apsara says no, she went to architect, and Indrajeet went to office, he will stop before supper. He says fine, I will come.

Astha comes to the architect and meets Indrajeet. He says for what reason did she arrive behind schedule. She says she went to meet Shlok, she needed to express profound gratitude for aiding kids and sorry as well. He says he would rather avoid him, he came clean with her, and still, after all that she is trusting him. The creator shows a few plans and requests that she pick. Astha sees not many and requests that Indrajeet pick any, his decision is her decision. He requests that Megha bring more inventories and get back home, he tried to avoid these plans. He leaves with Astha and children.

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Apsara asks Shlok how will he respond. Shlok says he is figuring something uniquely amazing, he will set aside this space for Astha Agnihotri. He requests that she get the things he requested. He sees her pic and says I really want to believe that you like this shock. Indrajeet asks Astha for what good reason was she disturbed. She says I m sorry. He says I m seeing you like nothing, I would like on the off chance that you check out everything. She says I know, I m unfortunately things are deficient, I know its our marriage, yet I m not cheerful the manner in which I ought to.

He says he needs a straightforward life, we got pointless difficulties later Shlok came in our lives, who is he to us, for what reason are we giving significance to him, he will feel better assuming she gets glad seeing game plans. She says OK. Apsara grins seeing the inflatables and delicate toys. Shlok says now its Astha’s decision of room. Apsara likes it. Shlok says I got all that Astha likes. Indrajeet and Astha get back home.\

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Strange Love On Starlife Wednesday 29th December 2021: Apsara says somebody came, Sir send somebody to adorn the room. Indrajeet says I have sent? What’s more races to see. Indrajeet and Astha see the room. He thinks he is certain Shlok did this to make Astha review the past. Astha likes it and grins. Apsara stows away and looks on. Astha says so you took me out, to give me this shock, I love this.

Apsara figures Shlok did this and she remembers nothing. Shlok calls Indrajeet and says he knows Astha’s decision well, and I have put all that there in that room, so no compelling reason to constrain your decision on her, my significant other is with you for quite a while, deal with her, assuming she has any grumbles, I won’t leave you. He closes call. Indrajeet becomes furious.

Shlok contemplates Astha. He figures she would be exceptionally glad seeing the room, I realize her satisfaction is in little pieces. He messages her goodbye. She contemplates him and gets his message. She answers great night to him. He grins. She says whats happening to , for what reason am I figuring this with regards to Shlok, for what reason do I feel great investing energy with him, its off-base joy, I m getting drawn to him, why.

Its morning, Shlok thinks I realize Astha needs to meet me, however there must be some explanation. He calls her and says about the Maharashtrian food celebration and new dish will be presented. She says I can’t come, sorry, there are marriage arrangements continuing. He asks whose marriage. She says mine, when I got hitched before, it was court marriage, so my significant other needs to me to get hitched by all ceremonies on our tenth commemoration, I remember nothing, as I met with a mishap, perhaps destiny doesn’t wish me to recall my past. She closes the call.

Indrajeet shows the wedding card to Astha and says its decent. She says OK. He says you said OK nonchalantly, I told you need to reach out, this is our marriage card, you ought to be invigorated only the way I m. She says I feel its event wrong. He says I asked you prior to doing this, I dropped this and you said OK, so I made arrangement once more, she ought to be energized for marriage, else this is insignificant. She says I m sorry, I realize you are vexed, I m incapable to account for myself. He says he needs to remember the marriage minutes once more, and this will make their relations solid, kids are additionally energized.

Strange Love On Starlife Wednesday 29th December 2021: : She says I guarantee I will attempt to feel this minutes. He thinks he knows how to cause her to understand this, and later marriage regardless of whether she gets her memory, she can’t leave him. Sojal converses with Varad and gets some information about Niranjan. Shlok comes tragic. She inquires as to for what reason does he look tragic. He says he didn’t see Astha today. She says its fine, meet tomorrow. He says he feels odd assuming that he doesn’t meet her. She says OK, figure tomorrow how to meet her. Astha rests to rest. Shlok thinks to message her and stops. She sees the wedding card and flips around it She expresses how would it be advisable for me I respond, for what reason is my heart not allowing me for this marriage, Indrajeet is right, he is my better half, for what reason am I not glad, for what reason wouldn’t i be able to feel anything for him.

Shlok drops Astha home on his bicycle. Indrajeet looks on. Her saree stalls out and Shlok helps her. Indrajeet exhaust.


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