Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021

Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021
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Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021: The Episode begins with Astha informing Shlok, asking him what he is doing? Shlok grins and answers to her that he is sitting idle. Astha sends message that there isn’t anything to say. Shlok figures her quandary and disarray will end soon. Astha thinks Indrajeet is correct, she needs to track down satisfaction in little things and chooses to go for shopping. She illuminates Kamla/Apsara that she is proceeding to leave. Apsara thinks where she is going in a rush and illuminates Shlok over telephone. Astha hangs tight for auto, yet she didn’t get any auto. One auto driver tells about the auto strike today. Astha thinks to call driver. Shlok comes there on his bicycle. Astha says you are here? Shlok says OK, today is auto strike. He offers her lift. Astha concurs and sits on his bicycle. She prevents herself from keeping her hand on his shoulder. Shlok says you may be figuring how could I come here? I was not after you. He says we will eat kulfi and afterward I will drop you. Astha says alright, else you will entice me very much like that. They leave.

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Indrajeet advises Apsara to request that Barka do the marriage shopping. Apsara illuminates him that she went for shopping. Astha and Shlok stop at the kulfi slow down to have kulfi. Astha says lets see who eats more kulfis. She eats numerous kulfis than Shlok, and requests her prize. Shlok says alright and asks what does she need? Astha says not presently, later. Shlok takes care of the cash and afterward drives with Astha. They stop on the way and purchase baloons for vagrant children. Astha says she will pay, yet Shlok pays for it. Indrajeet calls her and asks where could you be? Astha says I am… ..all at once her telephone gets turned off. She says she need to return home quick. Shlok says I will drop you. They drives off. Indrajeet becomes stressed for Barkha and thinks where she has been. Apsara grins and thinks it appears his heart will consume today.

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Shlok drops Astha home. Astha’s saree pallu stalls out and he assists her with taking it out. Indrajeet takes a gander at them through the window and exhaust Astha requests that he come in. Shlok says later. He leaves. Astha comes inside the house. Indrajeet asks where could you have been? Your telephone was turned off. Astha says my telephone’s battery was low and it turned off. I went for shopping. Shlok dropped me here as there was an auto strike. Indrajeet thinks he needs to accomplish something as they are meeting every day now. I need to get her far from Shlok, else she won’t approach me.

Sojal asks that Astha remembers everything soon. Shlok comes and says today he invested energy with Astha. Sojal says did she recall that anything. Shlok doesn’t says anything, yet she is content with me. Sojal petitions God for her memory gain and goes to make tea.

Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021: Indrajeet thinks he needs to stand by calmly for some additional time. When he gets hitched, then, at that point, Astha will turn into his Barkha for a really long time. She can’t liberate herself from the marriage connection. He says Astha won’t ever be yours and I will cause you to understand this.

Rekha brings tea for Shlok and gets some information about your following stage. Shlok says he mulled over everything, all at once Indrajeet comes and thumps on the entryway. Shlok and everybody get up. Shlok inquires as to for what reason did you come here? Indrajeet says he will wed Astha. He says she is presently my Barkha, so I thought to actually welcome you for the fantastic wedding. He welcomes them all. Sojal requests that he recollect that awful things occur with terrible individuals. Indrajeet says these lines are constantly told by the failures. He says do anything you desires, however nothing will occur. He advices Shlok to proceed to deal with his business. He keeps his wedding card in Shlok’s grasp. Shlok says you are having an unfortunate mix-up and it will be cleared soon. He says we will come and requests that he get lost. Indrajeet leaves.

Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021:The fashioner shows the dresses to Astha. Astha is quiet and dismal. The fashioner asks what occurred. Astha says she didn’t have the foggiest idea and requests that she show more dresses. The originator requests that she come to shop. Shlok calls Kalindi and apologizes for harming Astha previously. Kalindi says her injuries won’t be mended. She says you never cherished her. I won’t ever pardon you. Shlok says I truly cherished her, that is the reason I got my Astha. I didn’t bring you there, as she lost her memory. Kalindi asks where could she be? Shlok says she is remaining with Indrajeet Sarkar.

Indrajeet lets Astha know that he called every one of the visitors for their marriage. Astha gets some information about my folks. Indrajeet gets paralyzed.


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