Strange Love On Starlife Friday 31st December 2021

Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021
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Strange Love On Starlife Friday 31st December 2021: The episode begins with Indrajeet inquiring as to whether Barkha preferred any lehenga. Originator says no. Indrajeet says he will carry Barkha to her shop. Apsara hears her and illuminates Shlok. Kalindi is leaving from home. Ajju asks where are you going? Kalindi says she will illuminate once she returns. She says she will meet her companion and leaves. Ajju thinks don’t have the foggiest idea what has befallen Kalindi. Astha emerges from her vehicle and crashes into Shlok. Shlok asks you are here? Astha says OK, she came to purchase lehenga for her marriage. She goes to the fashioner with Shlok. The fashioner requests that she pick saree or suit for her. Astha chooses one, and checks out Shlok. Shlok signs no. Astha rejects it and attempts different sarees. Shlok signs no, so she dismisses it. Astha attempts a maharastrian saree. Shlok grins seeing it. Astha picks it. The originator says it is run of the mill Maharashtrian saree. Astha says so what. I preferred it. She attempts the gems and purchases with Shlok’s decision also.

The originator gets her mum’s call and says she is occupied. She lets Astha know that she is certain that her mum loves her definitely. Astha says each mum is same. She gets pitiful. Shlok says I didn’t realize that you have this feeling too. Astha says how could you realize me so well. He offers to drop her. Astha says she will pass by her vehicle. Shlok figures Astha will interrogate Indrajeet concerning her mum.

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Astha returns home and is dismal. Indrajeet asks what is wrong? Astha doesn’t says anything. Indrajeet says I called every one of the visitors for our marriage. Astha looks astonished and gets some information about my folks. Indrajeet gets paralyzed and stunned. Astha says you didn’t make me meet my folks till now. I’m fine now and needs to meet them. If it’s not too much trouble, take me to them. Indrajeet says sure and gets thinking. Shlok figures every one of the issues will be addressed assuming Aayi comes here. He gets Kalindi’s call. He says he will message Indrajeet’s location. He trusts Astha gets her memory seeing Kalindi. Shlok calls Indrajeet and says you arranged your marriage with every one of the ceremonies, however how might you fail to remember the significant custom Kanyadaan. He says who will do the Kanyadaan. Indrajeet gets stunned.

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Strange Love On Starlife Friday 31st December 2021: Shlok says you may be thinking. My work is done to give you strain. Indrajeet thinks he needs to accomplish something. Astha brings something for Indrajeet. He asks her to plunk down and requests what reason you are annoyed with me. Astha doesn’t says anything. Indrajeet says you needs your folks to do your kanyadaan. We need something very similar, however specialist asked me not to cause you to recollect the past. He says you don’t recognize them. Astha says relations won’t ever end. She demands to meet him. Indrajeet says your folks will come, yet they will not be genuine. You will acknowledge them. He calls somebody and says he wants a phony guardians for his better half. He offers to pay ahead of time. Astha thinks Indrajeet said that he will make me meet my folks, yet no one came till now.

Shantanu and Mishti are playing. Astha is sitting in contemplations. Mishti whines to Astha that Shantanu isn’t giving her hair band. Astha heads inside. Shantanu says lets cheer her up. Shlok says he would have rather not tell Kalindi that Astha is with Indrajeet, however opportunity has arrived. He says he wanted her assistance. He calls Apsara and says ensure Kalindi meets Astha. Apsara says OK. Apsara illuminates Astha that some woman came to meet her. Astha says she would rather not meet anybody. Apsara says Indrajeet is calling her in study and goes. Shantanu and Mishti come there wearing veils on their countenances. Astha prods them.

Strange Love On Starlife Friday 31st December 2021: Kalindi comes to meet Indrajeet and how could you to keep Astha with you here. Indrajeet requests that she quiet down. Kalindi asks where could my little girl be? How might you stoop so low? Where could she be? Indrajeet says I did nothing to her. He says I will tell you exhaustively. He concocts a phony story that he saw Astha harmed and took her to emergency clinic. He says I knew her as Sapna and begun adoring her. I took her to medical clinic and thought to illuminate you. At the point when she woke up, she lost her memory. She tended to me as her significant other. My children cherishes her as well. He says he is wedding her with every one of the customs. Kalindi is stunned.

Kalindi says her little girl is extremely content with Indrajeet and God gave her another life later she lost her memory. Shlok is stunned. Indrajeet comes and keeps his hand on Shlok’s shoulder.



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