Strange Love Friday 9th December 2021 On Starlife

Strange Love On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021
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Strange Love Friday 9th December 2021 On Starlife:The episode begins with Jyoti get blank calls. He was angry and said she would threaten him now. Renuka receive calls and conversations. He asked Jyoti to go and work. Renuka said I was coming. Jyoti think why people were not talking to me, who wants to talk to Renuka. He asks Renuka to not do anything, that they are all problematic. Renuka asked him to teach her not, do not show love and acting treatments. Shlok wait Astha in the temple and told me why he did not come until now.

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Apsara called him and said sorry, I was wrong beritalah, Astha will not come today, Indrajeet have to keep them busy at home and do not let him go, now he will always be around, how the two of you will see me. He says do not worry, I’ll manage something. Shlok think Indrajeet Stop one day, but she could not stop them from Uniting.

Strange Love Friday 9th December 2021 On Starlife:Astha sleep after work. Apsara bring water and smiles to see. Indrajeet asks if she came out, she was sleeping. Apsara said no, he was working in the room and tired, will I wake up. He said no, get me some tea. Apsara think to add poison in it, get angry, but Shlok will get Astha way, then I’ll see how this guy would smile.

Jyoti Renuka went and asked him where he was going. Renuka scold and go. Shlok marked on the map. Sojal came over and asked what he did with the marking on the map. She said relaxing, waiting and watching, you’ll understand. Indrajeet smiled at Astha sleep on the couch. He hugged her and she woke up. He said you .. she say what happened, I just touch you, I’m your husband and you react like that. She said she would organize the food.

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Children come and Indrajeet talk to them. Astha says you have to play games outdoors. He says he will activate their club membership. Astha receive calls their principal, and the woman said she tried to call them during the day, but could not connect, so he called now. She said she organize outings for children, and will he send them. Astha says I’m free, I’m not going to send. Children insisted and asked Indrajeet Astha about kids on a camping trip. He agreed and smiled.

Astha says fine, you write their names in the list. They hugged Indrajeet. Astha smiled and asked them to come to dinner. She said let me finish this job, I will come. He thought he had to talk about school camp, Shlok can plan something, I have to be careful. Shlok sat remember Astha. Sojal bring food. She said she would look at Astha, he was not hungry. He said at this time, he was afraid, if he saw you in the evening, he will be afraid. He says he will be careful and go. He wished there was nothing wrong happened.

Strange Love Friday 9th December 2021 On Starlife:Jyoti saw the news about the floods and natural disasters. He prayed for the safety of everyone and think why SID is not called until now. He called SID and could not connect. She prayed for her. Riya came and hugged him. He asks why she is tense. Jyoti told her everything. Riya calm him and said do not worry, if you find about Astha. Jyoti says yes, but his memory is gone, we hope everyone be okay. Riya said it would be good, and asked where the mother, very peaceful. Jyoti said she was out. Riya says at this point, where he went. Jyoti says does not know, he’s got a new friend, he was not guilty and get the words anyone. Riya says she’ll talk to Mum. Jyoti asked him to come and have dinner. Riya says yes, I’m very hungry and they go. Shlok Astha came into the room and sat staring at him. She smiled at sleep soundly. Sajna ve .plays …………… ……… .. he remembers Shlok and said Shlok …. I

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