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Perfect Husband Sunday 13th December 2021 Zee World

Perfect Husband Tuesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Sunday 13th December 2021: The Episode starts with Vidhi holding the diya and doing aarti with Rajshri. Rajshri thinks who is she who reminded her of Vidhi. She looks at her. Vidhi goes with Kabeer. Pushkar goes to pandit and says I want to do the rituals for my wife’s soul peace. Vidhi and Kabeer have a talk. She goes to wash her hands. Kabeer gets Jassi’s call. Jassi asks where are you. Kabeer says I can’t tell you anything. Pari takes phone and asks Kabeer where did he go. Kabeer says I can’t hear you. Pari says I can hear you well. He disconnects. Pari says Kabeer is with Payal, he always avoiding marriage talks, this time I will see how far he goes. Kabeer says I know you are upset with me, I can’t explain you on phone. He goes to Vidhi. Vidhi sees Pushkar and gets negative vibes. He looks at her. Kabeer asks her to come, Pari is angry. She says please we will stay back for ten mins more. Pushkar hears them and gets shocked. He thinks of Vidhi. Kabeer says think about me, come with me, we will board the bus and think where to go. They hold hands and go.

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Perfect Husband Sunday 13th December 2021: She asks are we going to ashram. He says no, you are my friend, I won’t drop you to that cheap ashram. She asks what did you arrange for me. Pushkar comes to them. He says its your money, it fell near the pond. He drops the notes. Kabeer picks the notes. Pushkar sees Vidhi. Kabeer looks at them. Pushkar says you pronounce the word please nicely. Kabeer says so you came to give me your money, so that you can talk to her, why, do you like her. He returns the money. Pushkar says you are wrong. Kabeer says you lied to me to talk to her. Pushkar says sorry, I had no such intention, I remembered someone hearing your wife. Kabeer signs Vidhi. Pushkar says I got money on pond, maybe its of someone else, I will put in donation box, from where are you. Kabeer says we are from Gurgaon, permit us to leave now if you are done questioning us. They leave. Vidhi sees Pushkar.

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Pushkar does the rituals for Vidhi. Rajshri cries and prays for Vidhi. Pushkar takes diya and drops it in the lake. He sees Rajshri praying with eyes closed and doesn’t care. He thinks Vidhi’s chapter got close, I m free forever now.

Perfect Husband Sunday 13th December 2021: Vidhi asks why did you lie to that man. Kabeer says everyone is thinking the same, what can I say, they don’t know you, what does it matter. She says it matters to me. They argue. She asks where are you taking me. He sees the goons. Goons look for them and get inside the bus. Nitin doesn’t see them. They hide behind the car.

Vidhi says I will go my way, you go your way. She asks Rajshri for lift.


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