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Perfect Husband Saturday 12th December 2021 Zee World

Perfect Husband Tuesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Saturday 12th December 2021: The Episode starts with Kabeer and Vidhi arguing cutely in the bus. Everyone gives them advice to keep the marriage. Kabeer asks the man to stop his lecture, he will handle his marriage. Vidhi asks why did you say we are married. He says I had to say this to make that man quiet, sorry for this, we will get down at the next stop. Vidhi smiles. Pari says I m not able to contact Kabeer. She worries. Her mum says I will get you married to Kabeer. Kabeer wakes up and sees Vidhi sleeping over his shoulder. He wakes her up. Bus stops at the dhaba. Vidhi goes to get tea. He asks her to sit, he will get the tea. Pushkar stops the car at the same dhaba.

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Perfect Husband Saturday 12th December 2021: Vidhi sees him and gets scared. Pushkar collides with a man and gets angry. Kabeer asks them not to get angry and say sorry. He ends their fight. Pushkar looks around and goes. Kabeer gets tea. Vidhi thinks why do I feel scared. Kabeer asks her to have tea. He cheers her up and asks where does she want to go. She says you go home, I don’t want to trouble you more. She says every city will look strange to me, else I will trouble you a lot. Pushkar gets water for Rajshri. Kabeer says we will be going ahead together. They leave in the bus. Kabeer falls asleep. Conductor wakes him up. Kabeer asks where is Payal. Conductor says your wife got down the bus. Kabeer says she isn’t my wife.

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Perfect Husband Saturday 12th December 2021: Rajshri hears Vidhi and turns to see. Pushkar asks Rajshri to come. Kabeer asks Vidhi why did she go alone. He says I m afraid you can fall in trouble. She asks him to forget it. Rajshri misses Vidhi and thinks of her. Pushkar gets angry. Rajshri says I will do puja and bid her farewell. She goes to pray for Vidhi. Vidhi and Kabeer come there and pray. Kabeer prays for Payal’s happiness. Rajshri thinks why do I feel restless. She does the aarti. She gets hurt and lowers the diya stand. Vidhi holds her hand. Rajshri looks at her.

Rajshri thinks who is this girl who reminded me of Vidhi. Pushkar hears Vidhi and stops. He turns to see her. He comes to talk to her.


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