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Perfect Husband Tuesday 15th December 2021
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Perfect Husband Monday 6th December 2021:The Episode starts with Kabeer taking Vidhi away and hiding. They see Nitin and goons. Vidhi sees Kabeer and his concern. He gets away. Nitin goes. Kabeer says everyone is after you, I m your friend, I have a right on you, why did these goons come here. He says I have to do something. He gets few things and says I have an idea, the problem is your bridal dress, they can find you by it, go and change clothes. She asks where will I change clothes here. He gives her clothes. She says I know everything. He says you are foolish. He makes a cloth curtain. She asks him not to turn to see her. He scolds her. She falls back. He holds her hand. They have an eyelock.

Perfect Husband Monday 6th December 2021:He says I do care for you. She says I know you care for me and you are my friend, don’t cheat me. He asks her to learn trusting him. She goes to change clothes. He also changes clothes. She turns. He asks what are you seeing. She says you should say you are also changing, I was seeing if you are seeing me. He says yes, I don’t want to see you. They change clothes, staying separated by the curtain wall. Kabeer looks at her in the mirror. Dil se….plays…. He turns away. She changes and comes. She says you can see now. He stares at her, being mesmerized. She asks is anything wrong, do I look fine. He says you look amazing. She asks then why are you saying so.

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He takes her help. She says I can try to tie the pagdi. He compliments her. He makes her don ghunghat and asks her to look through his eyes today. They see the goons. She asks what shall we do, tell me fast. He says everything is fair in love and war. Nitin gets their clothes. He says it means they were hiding there, they changed clothes to get saved, we will find her. Kabeer and Vidhi leave on the bike. Nitin and goons see the car tyre punctured. Nitin asks them to change tyre. Badri comes. Rajshri sees him and asks you here. Pushkar says I m done with rituals, I have imp work, I called Badri here, he will take you home. He recalls trying to find the number details. He leaves. Rajshri thinks where is Pushkar going.

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Perfect Husband Monday 6th December 2021:Kabeer asks Vidhi not to worry, they will be far away soon, we have to teach them a lesson soon, once we reach Delhi, I will see them. She asks him to stop the bike. He says we shall have food here. Vidhi recalls Payal’s words. Kabeer asks her to come and have food. She argues with him and asks him to go back to Pari. He says I can’t leave you here, I think we are friends. She says you saved my life, you can’t leave your personal life, I want to get free. She blames him for doing her accident and then getting her treated. He calls her mentality cheap. He asks her to go wherever she wants. She asks him to go to his own way, she will go her way. She goes. She thinks Pari is right, I will get away from Kabeer’s life forever, I can’t become a burden on him. Kabeer thinks why do I want to get insulted again. Vidhi asks Rajshri for lift. She says you met me in temple. Rajshri says yes, you were in bridal dress, what are you doing here alone, where is your husband. Kabeer leaves. Vidhi says he has left. Rajshri asks her to come.

Nitin attacks Vidhi and Rajshri. Kabeer reaches to save them.


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