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Once There Was A King Tuesday 18th January 2022 Zee World

Once There Was A King Tuesday 18th January 2022 Zee World: Rana ji and Gayatri arrive at the house. Everyone at home welcome them. The lady in veil also come there. Maa takes Gayatri aside and asks if everything between her and Rana ji is good. Gayatri says yes, he has brought her by himself, everything has got fine between them. Shaam gives Rana ji a Dhoti and asks him to get ready. Rana ji says he is ready already. Shaam says it is a ritual here to wear Dhoti for Pooja. Rana ji picks the Dhoti, Gayatri asks if he has to say something. Rana ji smiles, no and goes inside. Maa takes Gayatri along. Seth ji asks his wife to see if Rana ji needs something.
Maa tells Rana ji that he can get ready in that room. He thanks her.

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Maa says she must thank him for accepting and understanding Gayatri, she was unaware of the trade between Seth ji and Raaj Mata. She is the daughter of a businessman but doesn’t know how to trade, she knows to take care of relations. She thanks him for saving Gayatri’s life. Rana ji holds her joined hands and says if a daughter has a mother like her, her life can’t be ruined. Gayatri comes with Bhabis. Rana ji thinks that he has done a lot of injustice to her, he knew the truth but wasn’t ready to listen. Now it won’t happen. Rana ji goes inside the room. Gayatri is worried what happened to him. She takes a leave from Bhabis and goes to the room. She asks Rana ji to open the door, he does. Gayatri laughs watching him struggling with Dhoti. She asks if he didn’t know how to wear Dhoti, he denies. She asks how he wore it before. He says his servants did this. She laughs, and says he is getting angry now. He says he isn’t feeling anger. She smiles that he doesn’t know how to wear Dhoti.

Once There Was A King Tuesday 18th January 2022 Zee World: He says she is saying as if she knows how to put it on. She asks him for it, unwraps it from his body and puts it on in the right way. Bhabi watches this and laughs outside the door, Rana ji also smiles. Gayatri gives the shirt to Rana ji and asks him to wear it. He tells him to put it on as well, she keeps the shirt on his shoulder and leaves. He smiles.
All the men arrive for food. Rana ji waits for everyone to take seat. Seth ji says if he has a problem sitting on the floor they can arrange for chair. Rana ji says that a Raja can have a problem by this, a son in law can’t have. The ladies serve the food. Rana ji asks Gayatri to have food as well. Seth ji says that in their house, women eat after men. Rana ji says if this is a ritual, it must change. Gayatri gets worried and says one must not get angry for such a little thing. Rana ji says that he has taught his daughter to move forward in life. He says that he has seen the world and with his experienced he has learned one thing, the country in which women lag, the country itself lags. Seth ji says he has done really wrong, he tells all the ladies to join them.

Rana ji whispers at Gayatri if she disliked it.
Rana ji comes to the room where Gayatri was correcting books. He asks what she is doing. She says she is setting the books. He says the day has fallen, the night is here and everyone has gone to their rooms. She asks so? He says he has won the challenge, he didn’t feel angry all day, now what will he get as a gift. Gayatri says she specially mentioned it to him… he says he had to win anyway. Now what he will get. She asks what he wants. He locks Gayatri with a wall, Gayatri feels awkward. They get intimate. Rana ji watches Gayatri’s hand that he held, she gets worried at his stare. He thinks that this was Surakshna’s favorite bangle and remembers he had given it to Gayatri. He presses Gayatri’s hand tightly, then shuts his eyes and leaves the room.

Gayatri thinks that whenever he is coming closer to her, his past and love for Surakshna comes in front of him. Rana ji was at temple, he says that whenever he heads to move forward in life his past comes to his front. He prays for a way forward for himself. He shuts his eyes, he watches some lady standing at the window, the lady turns to be Surakshna. Surakshna smiles at Rana ji and says she is his real love. Rana ji opens his eyes, he prays that he only has questions and no answer, he asks for help. Gayatri prays that she gets answers to her questions in the room.

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