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Once There Was A King Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Zee World

Once There Was A King Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Zee World
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Once There Was A King Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Zee World: Rani drools around Raja singing for him. Everyone in the palace could her this, ladies gossip against the couple. Amrita felt ashamed. Raja holds Rani in his arms out of washroom, the ladies had gathered around. The ladies call Rani down ridden, Raja asks if they are even aware which family Rani belongs to and who has brought her up. Kaal comes out, Raja leaves. The ladies around wonders what else would happen if common girls are married into royal families?
In the room, Raja lay Rani in the bed. Kaal curses Amrita not being able to control her daughter in law. Amrita says as much as she know Rani she won’t take any such action deliberately. Kaal was about to hold his hand over Amrita for arguing, Raja comes there saying Rani can’t do this by herself. He know her wife well. Meenu comes from behind saying she know well what happened, she blames Lovey to have made Rani drink something. They all look towards Bindu. Meenu says Lovey is really jealous of Rani already. Bindu was offensive, Raja drags Bindu downstairs. He smells the glass Rani had put down, and makes Bindu smell it. He inquires Bindu what’s in it.

Bindu says she had taken a drink from the table. Bari Rani Maa comes to smell the cold drink on table, then slaps Bindu. She scolds Bindu that Rani must never have touched wine, but Bindu must have known that was not only cold drink, but wine was mixed in it. She know already that people drink wine this way, in parties. Bindu apologizes Bari Rani Maa, but Bari Rani Maa slaps her again as such mistakes are only answered by punishments. Amrita come to insult Bindu as her mistake ruined their respect, she and Meenu also leave behind Raja. Bari Rani Maa apologizes Bindu.
In the room, Raja speaks to Rani that she will have to pass a lot of tests only because of him, she must pass through a number of testimonies and has to be strong.
There, Bindu asks Bari Rani Maa what she has been cooking. Bari Rani Maa says they have to play their next bid now and break down Rani and Raja’s relation. Bindu must go to Raja right now.
In the room, Rani wakes up and asks Raja what happened. Raja asks if she really doesn’t remember anything, Rani recalls herself being with Raja in the washroom. She apologizes as she wasn’t conscious. Raja says Lovey made her drink wine mixed cold drink. Rani was sure Lovey did this intentionally. Raja was angry at Rani that he is concerned with what Rani does, why she gave Lovey a chance in the first place. He has been friends with Lovey since childhood, then why Rani has a problem with it now. He turns around offering her a glass of water and thinks he isn’t going away from her, he would always belong to her. He wipes her tears, then turns to Rani complaining that she is no more the same Rani. She lost all her dreams, and became Raja’s wife only. He can be a companion, not a support and doesn’t want Rani to become a burden for him.

Once There Was A King Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Zee World: Raja comes into the corridor, Amrita asks Raja why he is being strict with Rani. Raja says a soil rots in sunshine, Rani has to be strong enough not to need any support again. In the room, Rani took her jewelry off consoling herself that Raja is only annoyed with her. Amrita comes in, Rani allows Amrita to punish her. Amrita smiles that it wasn’t her mistake, she brings Rani Gajar Ka Halwa. Rani says in childhood whenever she was happy Dadu used to make this for her, but how Amrita knows about it. Amrita boasts about being a mother.
Bindu comes to boxing room behind Raja. He screams over her angry. Kokilla tells Rani that no daughter in law settle all at once, she must give Raja sometime. She takes Rani along. In the corridor, Bindu stops Raja, she was crying and tells Raja she committed this mistake for some reason. He is her life, she loves him dearly. Raja watches Rani coming with Kokilla, he thinks he must do something to keep Rani away from himself and comes close to Bindu accepting he never understood her love.

PRECAP: Rani slaps Raja, and holds his collar asking how dare he get so close to some other girl in presence of his wife.

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