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Once There Was A King Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Zee World

Once There Was A King Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Zee World
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Once There Was A King Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Zee World: Rani questions Amrita if she had let her daughter stay with someone who doesn’t value this relation. It would be Amrita’s decision, if husband’s stubbornness or wife’s self-respect is worthier. She open the door, Raja was waiting outside the room and carry Rani to the store room. He looks around for a knife and hand it to Rani saying he is her culprit, she must kill him if she wish to but not leave him. The knife hurts his hand, Rani caresses it at once. Raja apologizes Rani, for breaking his promises and hurting her; he wish he could change this, he could stop the mistakes and sin his family committed. He wish to return whatever they have snatched from her. He is aware she might not be able to forget what he did, he broke her dreams but at least she shouldn’t break her Dadu’s dreams. He requests her to stay here. Rani needs time to think about it.
Bari Rani Maa tells Amrita that in royals, men always holds a place for second wife their lives. Amrita wasn’t ready to let her daughter in law live the way she suffocated all her life. Kaal holds her neck, instructing her to go and take her responsibilities and keep Rani in control. Bari Rani Maa warns Amrita that this was Kaal’s love, if she doesn’t stop Rani Kaal would do something in anger that would make her repent later.

Raja comes to his room and finds Bindu’s clothes. She walks out draped in bathrobe.
There, Rani was walking down the corridor, thinking about Raja’s requests for her.
Raja hands Bindu her clothes, but she stops him asking why he wants her to go away after having kissed her. She stands close to Raja and drags him on the door. Rani had walked to the room, she breaks a vase on door in shock and runs away. Raja stops her, Rani says she has understood what she had to, these relations mean different for them. He must let her go away right now, when he realize the peace in this relation he must come to pick her up. Kaal and Bari Rani Maa come to question what are they doing, Rani replies she isn’t breaking any relation. She will be tied in it, but is just setting her husband free. Amrita comes there and tell Rani she is right, whatever Raja did wasn’t in his will. This is in his genes not to consider his wife as a companion, but a slave girl. Raja’s ailment is a chronic one, she allows Rani to leave and only return when she think she would get respect in this house. Rani hugs Amrita, then tells Raja she is unaware what made Raja away from their relation. She takes her mangal sooter off and hands it to Raja, this is her life that she is leaving to him, when he is ready to respect it he must bring it to her; till then she can’t stay in this house.

Once There Was A King Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Zee World: In her way back, Rani thinks that she won’t be able to lie to Raaj Mata and she won’t be able to bear the truth, wondering where she should go. She walks towards some bushes and notices a veiled man presence. She walks consciously but loses her balance. The veiled man jumps the wall, Rani was afraid and run away, into the college. She enters Meenu’s room, and tell her someone is stalking her. Meenu check outside saying no one is there. Raja stood outside the door, thinking he wanted Rani to reach some safe place that’s why he let her in fear. Meenu questions Rani how Raja even let her come here at this time. Rani requests Meenu not to question her about anything. Meenu goes to get water.
In the palace, Kaal slaps Amrita whose forehead hit a table. Kaal blames Amrita for not being able to control Rani, he wonder what he must do to her now. Bari Rani Maa comes to save Amrita. Amrita replies that Kaal isn’t a Maharaaj, people must consider him as prince but she has seen that wild animal who can still not respect a woman. He kept her a slave for thirty years, but now she won’t let this happen to her daughter, her daughter in law. Whatever they did to her mother, she won’t let it happen to Rani anymore. She walks inside.

NEXT EPISODE: Rani opens the window to Raja, he ties the mangal sooter in her neck.

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