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Once There Was A King Sunday 23rd January 2022 Zee World

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Once There Was A King Sunday 23rd January 2022 Zee World: Sulakshna watches Rana ji and Gayatri in the room, she breaks a vase in the corridor while running away. Rana ji runs behind her, she was going out of the palace. Rana ji stops Sulakshna, she turns and asks what right he has to stop her. She complains to Bari rani maa that she had told her she is Rani Sulakshna, and her Rana ji loved her so much and is upset in her memories. She says that in reality, her husband is busy with his own life and has no time to miss her at all. She heads to leave, but Gayatri holds her hand to stop her. Gayatri says that not Rana ji but she will answer her questions. Rana ji is worried about what she is about to say. Gayatri looks at Rana ji and says that she isn’t Rana ji’s but his friend’s wife. Raaj Mata is upset. Gayatri says that it isn’t Rana ji’s mistake but hers. Her husband is in a lot of problem and can’t come here, she had taken a vow that today she will only break her fast with his own hands.

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Rana ji had promised her husband to take care of her, so he broke her fast. Sulkashna removes Gayatri’s hand from hers, she says that she shouldn’t have done this. Her husband isn’t here doesn’t mean she will eat from anyone else’s hand. Gayatri asks to apologize and says she was unaware of the rituals, it was her first Karwachot. Sulakshna says that she could have asked someone else, there could be a crack between her and Rana ji. Gayatri joins hands, she says that she will never become a reason of problem between Rana ji and her, she will leave the palace if there is a lot of problem. She says that she and Rana ji must be tired, she must take rest. Bari rani maa smiles victoriously. Gayatri leaves the hall.
In the room, Gayatri watches her photos with Rana ji on the wall. Someone keeps a hand on her shoulder, it was Bari Raani maa. Gayatri wipes her tears before turning around. Bari rani maa says that today her respect has increased in front of Bari Rani maa. Gayatri has the ability to favor the truth, she has that ability.

Bari Raani maa says that she wish she could do anything, but right now Sulakshna is mentally so weak that a little tension can be fatal for her.In the room, Sulakshna apologizes Rana ji for suspecting him. She says Bari Rani maa had told her how much he loved her, but she has no memories of his love. And loss of memories make one lost. She says that with the passage of time, her memory will return to her. Rana ji thinks that this lie can’t go on for a long time, he must tell her the truth. He won’t let Gayatri leave the palace. Rana ji was about to leave the bed, Sulakshna holds his hand and says that a Rajput doesn’t have to be afraid but she is afraid to live alone in this palace. Rana ji drapes her with the quilt and tells her to sleep, he is here. He goes to the window himself. Gayatri’s words with Sulakshna echo in his mind.In the room, Gayatri was still crying thinking about the bed side argument with Rana ji. She looks at the bed and is upset. She looks at the moon and thinks about Rana ji’s words and lay on the bed watching moon. She fell asleep like that.In the morning, Kokilla is happy with her deal with Cheetah. They ask Laksh about Swarna, he says he hasn’t gone to her. Kunwar ji asks didn’t he go to break her fast. He says no, why he should go. Kunwar ji pushes him out of the chair and asks him to go and feed her something else he will treat him dreadfully. Swarna wasn’t in the trunk, Laksh calls her. Swarna comes to hold his neck with a rope and drags him.

She runs out of the store room by throwing him forward.Gayatri packs her bag in the room and keeps hers and Rana ji’s wedding photos with her as well. Rana ji comes to hold her hand and asks what she is doing here. Gayatri says she is leaving this room. He asks if she is leaving the room or him. He holds Gayatri with her arms and says he had asked her for some time, doesn’t she trust him. Gayatri watches Sulakshna and Bari Rani Maa approaching and instead of holding his face, she joins her hands saying she is thankful for him to give a place in the palace, she is used to live in difficulties. Bari Rani maa tells Sulakshna that this is her room.

Once There Was A King Sunday 23rd January 2022 Zee World: Gayatri heads to leave with her bag, Rana ji stops Gayatri. He goes to her, but Bari Rani maa interferes saying she has to say something to him. She says that she feels that he and Sulakshna should spend sometime together, it will help her get her memory back so why not he takes Sulakshna for some vacation. Sulakshna requests him to agree. Rana ji looks at Gayatri. Rana ji says she has requested him for his Rani he can’t deny, but he won’t go alone. Gayatri will also come for picnic with them. Gayatri leaves the room. Sulakshna asks Rana ji if he is soft for this woman, more that what is needed. Rana ji asks if this is a complain, Bari Rani maa qualifies this is a direction of a wife.

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