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Once There Was A King Monday 9th May 2022 Update Zee World

Once There Was A King Monday 9th May 2022 Update Zee World
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Once There Was A King Monday 9th May 2022 Update Zee World: Raja and Rani were upset separately. Raja hurries towards the window, knocks at it then put the mangal sooter around Rani’s neck. He had been day dreaming, as he stood outside in the corridor holding the mangal sooter in his hands. Meenu watch Raja there, and comes to speak to Rani about it. Rani didn’t want to discuss about Raja. Rani says right now she wants to focus on her exams, tears fell over her book.
In the palace, Raja lay his head on Amrita’s lap saying he wanted to let Rani be strong enough to stand on her own foot, she must be courageous to face life alone. He has done it, Rani has moved away from him. He lost even after winning. Amrita says neither he wants to stay with Rani, nor he can’t stay away from her. She takes his promise to always respect his wife, and not walk on the footsteps of his father. Raja says he can’t promise her anything, in order to turn gold must burn in fire to be turned strong.

The next morning, Rani gets ready and feels the absence of her mangal sooter. In the exam hall, Jeewan comes to sit besides her saying he only cares for her. Rani doesn’t want to speak to him. Gayatri’s attendance was being called, Raja calls from the door to call her Mrs. Gayatri Rajveer Rana. He walks to Jeewan, reminding she is his sister in law, he must sit away from her. Jeewan leaves the seat, Raja sits with Rani. The teacher inquires why he is late. Raja says when a newlywed bride would begin staying in hostel, the husband would spend nights counting stars. The class laugh. Rani heads to walk towards another chair, Raja calls her if she would even walk away at night. Rani leaves the classroom, Raja follows her.
Rani brings Raja into another room, she asks what this new drama is about. Raja says in their country husband and wife speak to each other this way. He reminds she is still his wife, thus has put sindoor. She can’t change the truth that their names have been connected forever. Rani turns to leave, Raja drags her behind holding her close to himself. Rani demands what he wants, Raja replies she. He wants her to accept she is nothing without him, and come back to him. Rani pushes him away, calling him selfish and stone headed; who can only think like this. He promised her to keep her happy, but he kissed Lovey in front of her. Now he wants her back, how can only one person’s wish be a priority in a marriage? What about her wishes and feelings? Raja inquires what she wants, since they married her always consider his happiness to be important. Raja boasts what else Rani has in her life, if she ever wanted something for herself? If she ever felt something else, then loving her.

Once There Was A King Monday 9th May 2022 Update Zee World: Rani wipes her tears, accepting she lost herself in their love, she will now think about herself. She is aware what she wants, she and her Dadu have worked hard to reach here. She came here on scholarship, scholarship students doesn’t leave pre-liminary exams. She committed one mistake but won’t repeat it. She will focus on her exams for the next fifteen days. Raja asks if she would return home after fifteen days. Rani keeps a condition to know about the truth, why he kissed Lovey, what’s hurting him inside out, what’s the secret he has been hiding since the day of wedding. Raja promises that after 15 days, right after their exams end he would tell her about the truth. They cross paths to move opposite ways.
Raja demands Kaal and Bari Rani Maa to name his property after Rani in next fifteen days, warning if they fail they won’t be left with any respect and ego. Kaal was enraged.
In the college next day, Rani hear songs being played around her. She looks around to find Raja playing guitar, gathered by girls. Rani moves forward, Raja runs to stop her way saying he has some work. Rani moves away, cursing herself that Raja doesn’t do anything for her, she has to study for next fifteen days for sure.
Kaal tells Bari Rani maa that now Rani’s story is going to end, they will send her to her parents. Bari Rani Maa warns her about fear of losing his elections.

PRECAP: Bari Rani Maa black mails Amrita to do what they want, else Kaal won’t leave Raja and Rani both. Raaj Mata brought drinks for them.

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