Never Say Goodbye Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Star Life

Never Say Goodbye Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Star Life
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Never Say Goodbye Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Vividha thinking its like Ajmer’s temple. She wonders who made this card, did ….. Ravish comes there and sees the greeting. Sujata asks Atharv to sit, don’t get violent, I will get new medicine. She checks prescription and asks Situram is this 3 written. Situram holds Atharv and says yes 3. Sujata gives 3 tablets instead 1 by following wrong dose, which Atharv changed. Atharv takes medicines and gets dizzy.

Ravish asks what happened. Vividha asks from where did this card come. Ravish says maybe from gifts, whats the matter to get tension. Vividha recalls Atharv and temple moment. She thinks this can’t be coincident, so many things are happening.

Ravish asks Vividha are you fine. She says yes, I m fine, I just thought of my home. He says okay, I understand. She excuses herself and goes. Atharv gets violent and throws things. Atharv gets glimpses how the goons have beaten him. Situram holds Atharv. Atharv pushes him.

Sujata asks Atharv to listen. Ravish comes there. Atharv takes a vase. Vividha is in bathroom. Atharv gets dizzy and his vision blurs. He drops the vase. Vividha hears the sound of vase dropping. Atharv takes his Rudraksh mala and holds it to beat Ravish. He attacks Ravish, while Ravish holds him. Vividha hears the sounds again and rushes to see.

Never Say Goodbye Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Star Life: Situram passes injection to Ravish. Ravish injects Atharv and controls him. Vividha gets restless in her room and says whats happening to me, I hear sound, this card. She recalls what happened till now. She sees Ravish’s car parked and says he said he is going out for some work. Ravish makes Atharv lie on the bed. Sujata says there is something wrong, Atharv never gets so violent, we will take him to hospital. Ravish says no need, I called doctor here. She says we have to take him out of here, we will take him once. Ravish shouts will you make me work, he is fine, see I know what I m doing, Atharv will stay here, its not good if he goes out.

Vividha comes to that cupboard room. The power goes. Atharv is awake. Ravish says Atharv is fine, I spoke to doctor, he is on the way, I was told this to do before, I did not do as my heart did not agree, but whatever happened today, I m helpless. Sujata asks what helplessness. Situram gets chains. Sujata asks whats this, what are you doing. Ravish says I have no way, I can’t put your life in risk. Sujata says don’t worry for me, I will take care of Atharv, you can’t tie my son by chains. Ravish says if he hurts himself, what will you do, problems will increase, try to understand. Sujata cries. Situram chains Atharv.

Sujata recalls Atharv telling her that he will not let Vividha bear Kailash’s torture. He says I want independence, no one can chain me. FB ends. She cries. Ravish hugs her and consoles.

Vipul comes near Vividha. He holds her in darkness. She takes a vase to hit, and he disappears. She switches on the lights and leaves. Vipul smiles. She rushes to her room and shuts the door. Vipul says she does not come in hand easily, its fine to get her by difficulty. Ravish talks to Situram. Sujata cries and sees Lord idol. Vividha calls Ravish. She asks where are you, there was someone in corridor, come fast. Ravish says I m coming, don’t worry. He asks Situram to stay here. Ravish goes to Vividha and asks her to open door. He asks why did you get scared. She says there was someone in the corridor, he held me by my waist, he has touched me. Ravish says impossible, I know you are tensed, this house is safe, relax, no one can come from outside. She asks were you close, you came soon after I called you.

Sujata asks doctor will Atharv get fine. Doctor says its medicine overdose, and says I have written just 1 tablet. Sujata thinks Ravish gave me this prescription, no one touched it, did Ravish did this….

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