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Never Say Goodbye Tuesday 10th May 2022 Update Zee World

Never Say Goodbye Tuesday 10th May 2022 Update Zee World
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Never Say Goodbye Tuesday 10th May 2022 Update Zee World: The Episode starts with Suman crying. Daddy ji says you were always strong, I don’t think you should lose courage. Suman says I don’t know why is this happening with Vividha, she was shouting and saying someone attacked her, we did not believe her, someone has mixed sindoor in milk, it means someone wants to harm her. He asks who will try to harm her from this house. She says don’t know, why is this happening.

Vividha sees Ravish holding the nightie string and asks what are you doing. Her voice comes back. He says I was trying to cover you, you are unwell. She asks him not to touch her. Atharv/Vipul looks on. She says I have seen what you were doing. Ravish says I can’t do this, I told you I was just covering you, you are misunderstanding me. She says I got to know you well.

Suman says its Diwali tomorrow, its said that Amasvasya night takes everyone’s darkness, will our life get light also? She cries and goes. Vividha asks Ravish not to lie. He says I m not such man, I can’t do wrong with you, I m your husband. Vividha shouts you are not my husband. He gets shocked. Atharv/Vipul smiles and leaves. Vividha moves Ravish and leaves from the room.

Suman walks downstairs. Atharv/Vipul stares at her. She stops and feels someone is behind. He pushes her down. She rolls down the stairs. He goes. Vividha comes there and stands near the stairs. Suman turns and sees Vividha. Ravish comes after Vividha and asks her to listen. Ravish sees Suman fallen and rushes to her. He calls out Situram and asks him to call doctor fast. Vividha says Maa and rushes. Ravish signs her to stop. Vipul comes to help. Ravish and Vipul take Suman to room.

Never Say Goodbye Tuesday 10th May 2022 Update Zee World: Doctor treats Suman and says its neck sprain, anything severe could have happened. Kalindi asks how did this happen, how did you fall suddenly. Suman says I was going downstairs and I felt like someone….. She looks at Vividha. Vividha sees them staring at her. Suman says my foot slipped, I could not balance, I m fine. Vividha says I will stay with Maa. Ravish says no, its okay, I m here. Vividha says no, you take rest. He says I can take care of my Maa. He asks her to go. Everyone leave. Suman says Ravish, you should not talk to Vividha like this. Ravish asks her to take rest, we will talk later.

Atharv is sleeping. Sujata asks him to see the good day. He wakes up and hears her. She tells how he made Rangoli last year. FB shows Atharv making Rangoli by following design on phone. She says your wife will make it, if she does not know, she will also follow phone designs. She says I kept milk on stove and runs. She sees sorry I forgot and spoiled rangoli. He calls her Laxmi and says my Rangoli got Shubh now. FB ends. She says your thinking was so different, you never pretended and followed society customs, you kept my name with yours, and promised to marry the girl who did not love you, and taught her to have her own thinking, you did not leave supporting her, you lived your live on your terms. He gets up.

Ravish feeds soup to Suman. Vividha comes and greets happy Diwali to Suman. Suman also wishes her. Vividha says Ravish, I will feed soup to Maa. He says its okay, I will feed her. She goes. Suman asks Ravish why are you behaving such. He says you know the answer. He goes. Vividha comes to Suman and asks do you know I made you fall off stairs. Suman says no, why will you do this, I remember someone pushed me. Vividha says why will anyone push you.

Suman says don’t know, sometimes when we don’t see anyone, it does not mean there is no one. Vividha asks you mean there is someone in this house… Suman tells about past. Vividha asks her to say, what is the matter, you are not able to say it, please tell me. Suman says its very old thing and….. Vividha asks what. Suman says nothing, I want to rest now. Vividha says fine, take rest. She goes. Suman thinks that incident was also on Diwali night, its Diwali night today also, why do I feel some bad happening is going to occur. Vividha thinks why did Suman not tell anything, what did she mean.

Never Say Goodbye Tuesday 10th May 2022 Update Zee World: She thinks of Atharv and that attack, why did anyone not see and feel all that, I have to talk to Ravish. Sujata asks Atharv did he recall everything and understand. He holds her face and says you talk a lot, you don’t let me sleep, are you mad. She cries. He goes to sleep.

She says I m sure that day will surely come, I will work hard, happy Diwali. He says the same. She smiles. Vividha goes to talk to Ravish. She asks why are you ignoring me, I m trying to talk to you, do you think I pushed Maa. He says when did I say this, I feel I don’t know you, I felt this house is new for you, we all are new and you will need time, I felt our distance is getting less, yesterday you said I m not your husband, what happened now, I don’t know what is your problem, I want to solve the problems, I told you before, keep my mum away from this, I will give what you want, my mum should not get hurt, she got hurt today. She says you feel I m responsible. He says I don’t know, but I will find out, its Diwali today and I want it to bring peace for my family, think what you want, I will accept your every decision. He leaves.

Atharv/Vipul misbehaves with Vividha. She asks him to leave her and runs. He catches her. Someone hits on his head and saves her. She sees the other person/maybe real Atharv, and gets shocked. She faints by the shock.

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