Never Say Goodbye Thursday 28th April 2022 Update Star Life

Never Say Goodbye Thursday 28th April 2022 Update Star Life
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Never Say Goodbye Thursday 28th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Vividha asking Ravish was he close that he came soon after her call. He says yes, some people came to meet me, they went, you sleep now. Vividha thinks there is something, it’s someone, not Atharv. Vipul looks at her from the window and goes. Doctor checks Atharv. Sujata asks will he get fine. Doctor says I gave him medicines, be careful by new medicines, overdose maybe dangerous. Sujata says I gave him medicine as you said. He says its not possible, this is overdose. She says you wrote 3 tablets. He asks what, I wrote 1 tablet. She shows him prescription. He says no, I wrote 1, someone has overwritten it and made it 3, be careful, take care of him. He goes. Sujata thinks Ravish gave this prescription to me and no one touches it, how can this happen, did Ravish…..

Its morning, Suman asks what, ghost? Vividha says yes, I feel someone is here, I feel someone is following me, I don’t see anyone, I hear strange sounds like someone is shouting, today I felt someone touched me. The family gets shocked. Aditi says I believe you, this maybe true, because there was another house in this land, and that owner is coming as ghost. Bhoomi says yes, I have also seen a ghost. They joke and laugh.

Suman says what nonsense, stop scaring Vividha, its nothing like that. Atharv is changed. He asks Sujata to open it, its hurting me, I don’t like to be stuck like this. Sujata cries and says its done for your good. Atharv says I will become good boy, open it. She thinks of Ravish’s words. She thinks did Ravish keep us locked here intentionally, but why, he is a nice guy, he worries for his mum, did he hide us fearing Atharv will ask for his share, if we don’t get out of here ever then?

Daddy ji tells Vividha that its nothing like that. Suman says this house is new, so you would be feeling this. She asks Kalindi to say. Kalindi says every house has story and every family has secret, there is no ghost attack in this house. Atharv asks Sujata to free him. Sujata says no, I can’t let anyone do this with my son, my Atharv is free and will be free. She asks Atharv to wait, I will open you. She looks for keys and thinks Ravish has the keys. She steps out of the cupboard door and thinks keys will be in Ravish’s room, how shall I find his room.

Never Say Goodbye Thursday 28th April 2022 Update Star Life: Suman says maybe something happened so Vividha is saying so. Daddy ji says this house is new, its stormy weather, I think she will get used to, relax. Sujata and Vividha walk in the same corridor and do not see each other. Vividha goes to her room. Sujata sees Situram taking Ravish’s coat to his room. She follows him. Situram says I will keep the coat. Vividha says I will keep it. He goes. Sujata enters the room and does not see Ravish and Vividha’s marriage pic. She looks around for keys. She gets the keys and a letter in his coat. She hears sound from bathroom and hides. Ravish comes to take Vividha. She goes with him, and Sujata misses to see her. Sujata leaves.

Later, Ravish and Vividha are back in room. He wears his coat. She asks are you going out. He says yes. She asks shall I make tea for you. He says no and realizes key and letter gone from coat. She asks what happened, are you looking for something, tell me. He worries and leaves.

Sujata reads Ramakant’s letter for Ravish. She says its enough now, I will not bear any injustice happen this time. Uma talks to Vividha and tells about Karwachauth. Suman tells Daddy ji that she is worried, its Karwachauth, Vividha would be planning to keep fast, how to tell her not to keep fast. Uma says I know you would not like to keep fast, but that would hurt family. Vividha says I won’t hurt them, I will keep fast if they get happy. Suman says you know Daddy ji, Karwachauth fast is abshagun for this house, whenever women kept fast, something bad happened, I can’t let Vividha keep fast. Daddy ji nods. Vividha says I want Ravish’s happiness, I will keep fast but not for Ravish, I can just keep Karwachauth fast for Atharv, no one else.

Its morning, Suman asks Aditi to serve food to Vividha. Vividha says no, I had food early morning, its Karwachauth today, I thought Bhoomi will also fast, but everyone was sleeping, so I did not disturb anyone. Suman says no one keeps Karwachauth fast in our house. Vividha asks why. Suman says its not in our traditions. Vividha says mum called me and asked me to keep fast, I will keep it and do puja alone. Suman says I said no one keeps fast here, you will also not keep fast, there are reasons for not keeping fast, its good if you understand, have breakfast, Aditi serve her. Vividha gets thinking.

Kalindi says Vividha will ask the reason. Suman says she won’t understand as she does not know our past. Vividha sees the room inside the cupboard door and gets in. She goes to see the person.

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