Never Say Goodbye On Starlife Friday 4th February 2022

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Never Say Goodbye On Starlife Friday 4th February 2022: The Episode begins with Dadi stressing for Kailash. She chides Uma and Guddi. Guddi lets Ankit know that they will proceed to track down Kailash. He says I m playing game. He gets a call and says I will just come. He lets Uma know that he will visit his companion. Uma asks as of now? Kailash hasn’t arrived. He says that is the reason I m going, else he would have reprimanded me. Sujata says I will warm food. Atharv inquires as to for what reason to squander gas, we will eat. Sujata says why, she said she will come. Vividha gets Kailash home. Everybody get stressed seeing Kailash’s feet dying. Sujata requests that Atharv eat. Atharv will not have food alone. Indeed, even uncle doesn’t consent to have food alone. He requests that they play this kabaddi.

Vividha cries seeing Kailash’s injured feet and inquires as to for what reason did you rebuff yourself for my mix-ups, you would have chastened me and beaten me. Kailash asks how might I rebuff you for my mix-up, I m observing my slip-up that made you conceal something from me. She says you rebuffed me by rebuffing yourself, you are the best Papa in this world, I m not meriting to be your little girl. He wipes her tears and says you are my pride, nobody will resemble you, for what reason did you conceal things from me, you felt I won’t consent to you, its great the person has great qualities, else anything would have occurred. He says its everywhere, I m inclination exceptionally ravenous, won’t you serve food to me. He grins. Vividha goes. He requests that everybody let him be, he is fine.

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Uma sits to see his injured feet and he reproves her. Uncle says Vividha didn’t come till now. Sujata says she might have stuck, she will come. She requests that Atharv have food. Atharv says no, you have food, for what reason are you unyielding. She says simply some time, she will be coming. He packs the tiffin for Vividha. He says you won’t eat food without Vividha, I will give this food to her at her home. Sujata asks will you go there as of now. He says its smarter to commit individual understand his error on schedule, with the goal that individual doesn’t rehash botch.

Sujata requests that Atharv stand by. Atharv leaves. Sujata converses with uncle about Atharv. Uma lets Kailash know that assuming individual understands his slip-up on schedule, so individual doesn’t rehash botch, Vividha will do nothing that harms your pride, I will clarify her. He requests that she clarify, he sees second slip-up as wrongdoing, prevent Vividha from meeting Sujata and her child. Uma gestures.

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Never Say Goodbye On Starlife Friday 4th February 2022: Uma goes to Vividha. Vividha tells her that she was going for supper at Sujata’s place. Uma reviews Kailash’s words and asks her not to let Kailash know that she was going for supper at Sujata’s place. Sujata stresses assuming Kailash sees Atharv… . She supplicates. Vividha asks Uma for what reason is she halting her. Uma says your Papa won’t feel better assuming he knows this. Vividha says I don’t need to conceal anything from him, figure how might he feel assuming he knows this from another person. Guddi gets happy seeing Atharv coming there. Dadi looks on and thinks who is Guddi seeing. Dadi grins seeing Atharv. Dadi and Guddi acclaim Atharv. Guddi asks is this your age to like somebody. Dadi chides Guddi. Guddi expresses these things are to be in my age, I m going to meet Atharv. Dadi says I will tell Kailash. Guddi says I will likewise tell him. Dadi giggles and says he is your dad, not mine, he won’t completely accept that you, stay here discreetly.

Vividha gets nourishment for Kailash. He requests that Uma get nourishment for Vividha. Vividha says I needed to let you know something, the present supper … … . Atharv rings the ringer. Uma gets stunned seeing him. Kailash asks who has come. He blows up seeing Atharv. Atharv welcomes him and asks would I be able to come in. Kailash requests that he come. Kailash asks how could you come right now. Athaarv keeps the tiffin and says your little girl guaranteed my mom that she will eat at my home. He says Sujata is ravenous till now, hanging tight for Vividha there, and Vividha perhaps occupied here, or neglected. He sees Vividha with her supper plate. He says my mum has made this nourishment for you, my obligation was to bring it here.

Never Say Goodbye On Starlife Friday 4th February 2022: Kailash asks what, your home, Vividha? Ankit gets back home. Kailash asks from where are you coming as of now. Ankit says my companion called. Kailash asks did you go to somebody’s home as of now. He chides Ankit and insults Atharv by implication. He says assuming you go to anybody’s home right now, it looks terrible and mannerless, habits are got sold in market, what will individuals say, your dad didn’t show you anything, or don’t you have father to educate you. Atharv becomes irate.

Kailash says the counsel I provided for my child, I offer same guidance to you as well. Atharv lets him know that I have great qualities, Vividha accompanied me to Pushkar by her desire, I got her back safe, my mum gave me great qualities, not my dad.


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