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Never Say Goodbye Monday 9th May 2022 Update Zee World

Never Say Goodbye Monday 9th May 2022 Update Zee World
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Never Say Goodbye Monday 9th May 2022 Update Zee World: The Episode starts with Suman asking Vividha how do you feel now, I think you have fever, I will get warm milk and medicines. Vividha cries recalling Atharv. She hears from sound from the top floor/roof. Atharv jumps on the floor and asks Sujata to see his jump. Sujata asks him to sit. Vividha gets worried and shouts to Suman. Suman comes running and asks what happened. Vividha asks her did you hear that sound. Sujata makes Atharv sit. Suman says there is no sound and makes her sit. Suman warms the milk for Vividha and thinks what is happening to Vividha, why do I feel….. She adds kesar in the milk. Someone looks at her.

Suman gets the milk for Vividha. Vividha looks at the roof and cries. Suman worries. Suman asks her not to worry, there is no one, Ravish and I are there to take care of you, don’t worry, trust me. Vividha asks do you think I m mad, I m saying there is someone in this house, I can see someone and hear sounds, you all don’t understand. Suman says no, I trust you. Vividha says trust is seen in eyes, I just see pity that one holds for a mad person, I m not mad, you all are mad who roam blindfolded. Ravish comes and shouts Vividha, no one can talk to my mum in loud tone else… Suman says its okay, she is worried and needs us. She asks Vividha not to worry, Ravish and I will find out whom you are seeing and hearing, take rest, we are here for your safety. She asks Ravish to come out to talk to her.

Suman tells Ravish that this is not coincidence, if she is saying about attack, someone is doing that, don’t take this light, I want to see family safe. Ravish thinks to tell Suman about Sujata and Ravish, maybe she can understand. She asks what are you thinking. He says nothing, I will find out. Vividha cries in her room. Vividha drinks the kesar milk. Vividha thinks to ask Ravish about Atharv and find truth. Ravish comes to the room. He apologizes to her and says I spoke to you rudely, but when its about mum, I…. She says I want to…. and could not talk. He asks are you fine. She holds her throat and coughs. She signs she is not able to talk. He worries seeing her.

Never Say Goodbye Monday 9th May 2022 Update Zee World: Atharv says she is not fine, I have to go to her. Sujata asks who, I don’t understand. Ravish gets water for Vividha and makes her drink. Atharv says I have to go to her. Sujata says no, don’t go out. Atharv says she can’t breathe, she is not well. Sujata makes him sit. Ravish calls doctor and holds Vividha. Sujata asks who is not getting breath. Sujata asks what are you saying, about whom. Atharv says Vividha, I want to go to her. Sujata gets shocked. Jaana na dil se door……plays……….. Atharv too holds his neck, as Vividha does.

Doctor checks Vividha and says she has severe throat infection by something, what did she have. Suman says I gave her kesar milk to her. Doctor says its by something else then and checks glass. He gets sindoor in the glass and says reaction is by this sindoor, I gave her medicine, she will feel better till tomorrow. Suman and Ravish get shocked. Vipul’s foot is hurt. He makes excuse that he got hurt by hit of furniture. Ravish asks are you fine. Vipul says yes and goes. Suman asks how is this happening. Ravish asks her not to worry. Kalindi taunts Suman and goes.

Ravish goes to Sujata. She says he is sleeping. Ravish says I did wrong today and scolded you and Atharv, forgive me, I know Atharv is annoyed, my wife’s health is unwell. She asks your wife is unwell? He says yes, she was having problem to breathe, why are you worried. She says don’t worry, she will get fine. He says I got sweets for Atharv, as he likes it. She thanks him. She goes to him and does not find Atharv. She says where did Atharv go.

Atharv/Vipul goes to Vividha and sees her sleeping. He smiles. He holds her hand and touches her. He removes her blanket and opens her nightie string. Ravish comes there. Atharv/Vipul gets close to Vividha. Ravish comes to room and sees Vividha’s nightie off her shoulder. He says if anyone sees Vividha like this, and goes to cover her up. He ties the nightie string by turning his face away. Vividha wakes up and sees Ravish holding the string.

Vividha asks Ravish not to lie. Ravish says I can’t do this with you. She says don’t touch me. He says I m your husband. She shouts you are not my husband. She leaves from room angrily. Suman falls down the stairs. Ravish comes there and sees Vividha standing and Suman falling off the stairs. He gets shocked and angrily sees Vividha.

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