Never Say Goodbye Monday 25th July 2022 Update Starlife

Never Say Goodbye Monday 25th July 2022 Update Starlife
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Never Say Goodbye Monday 25th July 2022 Update Starlife: The Episode starts with Vividha seeing Atharv and Kangana. He says her bathrobe was stuck, I was removing it. Kangana says I wanted to have a bath before making Madhav sleep, my bathroom was not having water, so I came here to have a bath, really sorry. She goes. Atharv says how can bathrobe get stuck like this. Vividha asks him to leave it, have tea. He says no thanks, I will have it later, I have to go police station. He goes. She says how will we manage Bhoomi. She goes to Bhoomi. Dadi says life is long, we understand your pain. Bua Dadi says we all are with you. Vividha asks Bhoomi to have food. Bhoomi says how will I live without Vipul.

Guddi thinks to talk to Vividha about Kangana. She stops Vividha and says I think whatever Bhoomi is thinking about Kangana is right. Vividha says you know the house situation. Guddi says I feel something is wrong with her. Vividha says I know her, she is not such. Guddi says I m noticing her since many days, I don’t have good vibes. Vividha says I know the reason for this, I m your sister and can read your face, I know you have feelings for Ravish, you know Ravish is liking Kangana, its logical that you dislike Kangana, its fine if Ravish likes someone else, he would have come close to you if he liked you, but he did not, stop thinking about this and think of his happiness as yours, you also move on.

Madhav comes to Vividha and says I was hungry, Kangana is making something for me. Vividha sees his hands and asks him to wash it. He takes her to show painting. He takes her to room. He goes to washroom and washes hand. Vividha recalls Kangana’s words. The family mourns for Vipul. Kangana goes to put flowers. Bhoomi stops her and gets angry. Vividha stops Bhoomi. Kangana puts flowers at Vipul’s pic. She goes out.

She talks to someone and says I know I have to do something, Bhoomi doubted me, she attacked me and accused too, I have to do something soon. She calls Atharv and asks him to come out, someone has come to meet him. He says fine I will come. She stands under the water shower. Ravish says inspector called, he wants to talk to you. Atharv gets busy on call. Kangana smiles thinking Atharv has come. She waters the plants and says someone was asking about you, he went, I was watering plants and see I m so mad, I got drenched. She turns and gets shocked seeing Vividha. She slips. Vividha holds her hand. Kangana thanks her and says I will go and change. She thinks she failed the plan. Vividha recalls Kangana.

Never Say Goodbye Monday 25th July 2022 Update Starlife: Ravish asks Vividha where did everyone go. Vividha says everyone took Bhoomi to room, she was unwell. Ravish says Bua would have managed her, but I could not find her. She says maybe she went with someone. He says no, there is CCTV camera outside our house, when Bua left, there was no private taxi going, Bua did not go out of house. She gets shocked. She thinks of Kangana’s words.

Atharv says Bhoomi was crying so much and was not able to walk, Kangana was calling me out in lawn, saying someone is asking for me, did she tell anything to you. She says I don’t find her right. Kangana calls someone and says its not my mistake, I called Atharv, but Vividha came there, I wanted to create tension between them, but Vividha is doubting on me, I know why I came here, I won’t let anyone come in my way.

Atharv asks what will she do bad with others. Vividha says you were not trusting her yesterday. He says you asked me to trust her, when I m finding her good, you are asking me, she talks to everyone with respect, what’s your problem. Kangana looks on and smiles. He says you were saying I m doubting on her, now you are doubting on her. She says I saved her from goons and gave permission to stay here, she wears short clothes and falls on you. He says its coincidence. She says Ravish checked CCTV footage and said Kalindi did not go out of home. He says Ravish may have missed something, she would have gone out, why are you after Kangana. He goes.

Later, Atharv goes to kitchen and helps Sujata. He says one plate is less. Vividha says Bhoomi is not coming down for dinner. Dadi says what can we blame her, she lost her husband in such young age, we don’t know about Kalindi. Sujata says when Kalindi comes back and knows her son has died, I m worried. Vividha says we have to find Bua.

Ravish tells everyone that they came here hearing Kalindi’s phone, since then Kalindi is missing, the man who can kill Vipul and throw him in water tank can do anything. The man digs the soil and says something is there.

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