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My Identity Full Story
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My Identity Full Story is an Indian drama television series that premiered on 12 September 2016 on Star Plus. Inspired by the 1998 Bollywood film Zakhm, it was based on the life of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt.

The show initially starred child actor Arsheen Naamdaar as Avni Ayesha, besides Viraf Patel, Barkha Sengupta, and Reema Lagoo from September 2016 to March 2017. It then took a fifteen year-leap and focused on Avni Ayesha (Aditi Rathore) and Neil Khanna (Zain Imam).[5][6] In May 2017, Ragini Shah replaced Reema Lagoo due to the latter’s death. The show ended on 18 May 2018 completing 463 episodes.

Country of origin: India

Original language: Hindi

Original name: Naamkarann

Episodes: 463

Seasons: 1

Original network: Star Plus



9-year-old Avni Ayesha lives with her mother Ayesha Haider. Renowned producer Ashish Mehta is her dad, who meets them in secret on account of his mother Dayawanti, a profoundly strict yet degenerate Hindu lady who loathes Ayesha as she is a Muslim. She dismisses Avni at each progression and accepts that without the family’s acknowledgment, Ashish’s marriage is ill-conceived. He is compelled to marry the sort and great-hearted Neela Parikh who Avni becomes a close acquaintance. Neela stands up against Dayawanti to battle for Avni’s freedoms equity. Ayesha gets pregnant and at last, conveys a child, Aman.

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Dayawanti murders her in the clinic and removes Aman, naming him Amol. She deceives Ashish that Avni killed Ayesha. Seeing the proof she manufactured, he sends Avni to jail. Neela bails and chooses to pass on India with her to think of an arrangement to uncover Dayawanti. Neela divorces Ashish as he was demonstrated to be contemptible of her affection. Dayawanti fools Avni into meeting her alone and shoots her, however, Neela saves her.

After 15 Years

The Twist continued on My Identity Full Story as Avni is now a young lady, who has grown up under the name “Ananya Verma” and lives with Neela. She takes cash from rich individuals and gives it to medical clinics. ACP Neil Khanna is enrolled to discover her character. Avni’s youth closest companion, Ali has turned into a proprietor of a bistro and Neil’s dearest companion. Later first gathering, Neil and Avni become nearer after some time and ultimately unconsciously foster heartfelt affections for one another. Neil’s folks Prakash and Shweta orchestrate his union with Avni’s cousin, Riya. Ali meets Avni, yet he feels that she is Ananya. Before long, he discovers that Ananya is Avni and helps her.

In the meantime, Aman has developed into a self-important and ruined imp. While inebriated, Aman unintentionally hits Neil with his vehicle, later, when he finds that Avni had seen him, Aman hijacks Neela to keep Avni from affirming against them in court that he was driving admirably in an alcoholic state, even takes steps to kill her embraced mother, assuming she does as such, tragically, this endeavor blew up; as Avni reports his wrongdoings to Neil.

Afterward, Neil begins to research Avni, because of the way that he has been continually misleading Neil and maintaining mysteries from him, his examination drives him to presume that she is indeed Avni Ayesha Mehta who probably kicked the bucket fifteen years prior. Neil gets Ananya’s piece of hair to a DNA test, in the wake of running the DNA test, it tests positive; validating Neil’s premonitions that Ananya is truth be told Avni. In the meantime, In requests to keep the Mehta family from getting their hands on the Khanna family’s cash, just as to keep them from demolishing Neil’s life and to keep Dayawanti from leaving the country with Aman, Avni weds Neil, having Riya’s spot. Neela recognizes loves and care for Avni easily in this manner; accepts that marriage is the best choice for Avni keeping her from turning into a crook. Neil begins fostering a delicate corner for Avni, later Neela enlightens him concerning the torture that Avni was power to suffer as a youngster; in light of Dayawanti and her family.

It is uncovered that Ashish had found that Dayawanti was the person who killed Ayesha and outlined Avni for this wrongdoing, as he had found photographs of her stifling Ayesha to no end with a pad. Incensed Ashish planned to hand Dayawanti over to the police for Ayesha’s homicide, Dayawanti and Ketan attempted to prevent him from sending her to jail, yet during this showdown, Ketan incidentally kills Ashish, as Ketan and Dayawanti were shocked by what occurred, the two of them conceal this episode.

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Dayawanti is captured, later she is uncovered for killing Ayesha, outlining her granddaughter, Avni, and for concealing her child, Ashish’s demise, Ketan is additionally captured for his sibling’s passing; at last,, demonstrating Avni’s innocence and stopping the bad individuals from the Mehta family’s rule of fear for great. Neil becomes hopelessly enamored with Avni. Aman in the long run understands that Dayawanti has been utilizing him, accordingly, Aman changes his methodologies. Conditions end in Aman consuming Dayawanti alive, which brings about her demise and him being captured. Avni excuses Aman and feels pleased with him for getting equity for their mom, Ayesha.

Juhi who is Neil’s first love returns to inform Neil regarding their ill-conceived little girl, Mishti who is being held hostage by Vidyut. Avni salvages Mishti and they bond. It is then uncovered that Mishti is truth be told Vidyut’s little girl. Avni and Neil discover Juhi’s reality and get her to admit it. Vidyut makes it seem as though Avni shot Juhi driving Neil to put Avni in the slammer.


After 6 Months

Devastated by the allegation of killing Juhi, and the absence of trust among her and Neil, Avni acquires battle abilities in jail to battle against the wrongdoings she didn’t carry out. Neil figures out how to get Vidyut to admit that Avni is honest. Neela has a chance during a dark out at the Khanna house. Avni grieves over Neela’s passing. At last, Avni and Neil perfect their marriage. It is uncovered that Prakash affected by drugs infused in him by Vidyut should shoot Neil yet rather shoot Neela who saved Neil. Vidyut compromises Avni to wed him to save Prakash. Avni chooses to consume Vidyut’s home. The firemen observe two dead bodies in the house leaving Avni and Mishti’s destiny obscure. Avni who got away from Vidyut’s home deletes her beginning and end and leaves with Mishti.

After 10 Years

Neil leaves his place of employment as a police assessor and the ACP, as he has turned into a radio station personality. Avni has changed her name to “Nilanjana” and devotes her life to the prosperity of ill-conceived kids in a shelter named Sukoon house. She deals with Saisha, who is really Mishti, alongside other stranded youngsters. Mishti is a hopeful artist and a passionate fanatic of entertainer Karan Kapoor. Mishti and Karan at last fall head over heels, and get hitched.

Avni chooses to leave the city with her and Neil’s child, Mowgli so Neil can begin another existence with Mitali, while Mitali requests that Neil return to Avni as he must be content with her. However, Mitali advises Neil to live with Avni and Mowgli. At last, Avni and Neil rejoin.



Aditi Rathore as Avni Ayesha / Khanna aka Ananya Verma / Nilanjana – Ayesha and Ashish’s daughter; Neela’s adoptive daughter; Aman’s sister; Neil’s wife; Mowgli’s mother; Mishti’s adoptive mother; Jaan didi of children in Sukoon house.(2017–2018)[7]
Arsheen Naamdaar as Young Avni Ayesha (2016–2017)
Zain Imam as Neil Khanna – ACP officer turned radio jockey; Shweta and Prakash’s son; Avni Ayesha’s husband; Mowgli’s father; Mishti’s adoptive father (2017–2018)[7]
Reema Lagoo / Ragini Shah as Dayawanti Mehta – Ashish, Ketan and Diksha’s mother; Avni, Aman and Riya’s paternal grandmother (2016–2017) (Dead)[8][9]
Barkha Sengupta as Ayesha Haider / Asha Mehta – Fatima’s daughter; Ashish’s wife; Avni and Aman’s mother (2016–2017) (Dead)[10]
Viraf Patel as Ashish Mehta – Dayawanti’s son; Kehtan and Diksha’s brother; Ayesha’s husband, Avni and Aman’s father; Neela’s ex-husband (2016–2017) (Dead)[10]
Sayantani Ghosh as Neela Parikh – Ashish’s ex-wife; Avni’s adoptive mother (2016–2018) (Dead)
Recurring cast
Ritu Vashisht
Gulfam Khan as Fatima Banu – Ayesha’s mother; Avni and Aman’s maternal grandmother (2016–2017)
Jahaan Arora as Dakhal Dayal aka DD – Neil’s friend and colleague; A police officer; Sunheri’s love interest (2017–2018)
Gautam Vig as Ali – Avni’s childhood best friend; Neil’s best friend (2017–2018)
Shubh Kalra as Young Ali (2016)
Kunwar Amarjeet Singh as Aladdin/Kabir – Avni’s friend (2016)
Anaya Soni as Hetal Mehta – Ketan’s wife; Riya’s mother (2016–2017)
Puru Chibber as Ketan Mehta – Dayawanti’s son; Ashish and Diksha’s brother; Riya’s father (2016–2017)
Neelam Sivia as Diksha Mehta – Dayawanti’s daughter; Ashish and Ketan’s sister; Hansmukh’s ex-wife (2016–2017)
Vivek Madan as Hansmukh – Diksha’s former husband (2016)
Nalini Negi as Riya Mehta – Ketan and Hetal’s daughter; Avni and Aman’s cousin (2017)
Palak Dey as Young Riya (2016)
Sushant Mohindru as Aman Mehta aka Amol – Ayesha and Ashish’s son; Avni’s brother (2017)
Sanjay Swaraj as Prakash Khanna – Shweta’s husband; Neil’s father (2017–2018)
Shruti Ulfat as Shweta Khanna – Prakash’s wife; Neil’s mother (2017–2018)
Neelu Kohli as Harleen Khanna – Prakash’s mother; Neil’s grandmother (2017–2018)
Poonam Preet as Juhi – Neil’s ex-girlfriend; Mishti’s mother (2017)
Karam Rajpal as Vidyut – Ragini’s son; Mishti’s father; Avni’s obsessive lover (2017–2018)
Soni Singh as Sunehri – Avni’s friend and well-wisher (2017–2018)
Sana Amin Sheikh as Mitali Sharma – A police inspector; Neil’s friend (2017–2018)
Prakriti Nautiyal as Tara – Avni’s friend who was a prisoner earlier (2017–2018)
Pragya Nautiyal as Sitara – Avni’s friend who was a prisoner earlier (2017–2018)
Kabir Shah as Mowgli Khanna aka Pillu – Avni and Neil’s son (2018)
Payal Bhojwani as Mishti “Saisha” Kapoor – Juhi and Vidyut’s daughter; Avni and Neil’s adoptive daughter; Karan’s wife (2018)
Aayesha Vindhara as Young Mishti (2017–2018)
Zaan Khan as Karan Kapoor aka “KK” – A film industry’s superstar; Mishti’s husband (2018)
Jayati Bhatia as Kamini Kapoor – Karan’s mother (2018)
Bhavesh Balchandani as Samrat – An orphan at Sukoon house (2018)
Swasti Katyal as Pinki – An orphan who lives with Avni (2018)
Pawani Sharma as Daisy – An orphan at Sukoon house (2018)
Mohit Chauhan as Mr. Sharad Kapoor – Karan’s father (2018)
Manini Mishra as Ragini Pandit – Vidyut’s mother; leader of a human trafficking racket (2017–2018)
Priya Tandon as Monica – A prisoner (2017–2018)
Karan Jagdish Singh as Avni’s lawyer (2018)


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