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My Heart Knows Wednesday 13th April 2022 Update Zee World

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My Heart Knows Wednesday 13th April 2022 Update Zee World: The Episode begins with Malhar asking Kalyani how could she wear this saree and tells that it was worn by Sampada at the hour of death. Kalyani says she didn’t wear this saree and tells that she was dozing here, for what reason will she go to Atharv’s room. Malhar requests that she change her saree first. Kalyani thinks why this is occurring with me, for what reason will I go to Atharv’s room. Malhar remembers to show her to Doctor in the first part of the day.

Sampda has Kalyani’s body. Power goes off. Kalyani calls him Malhar. Malhar says Kalyani and takes a gander at her shockingly. Sampada pushes him on bed and tells that she won’t allow him to go to night obligation. She opens his button and attempts to draw nearer to him. He pushes her. Sampada goes out. Kalyani inquires as to why I am wearing this nighty and covers her uncovered legs. She asks did you request that I wear this? Malhar says for what reason will I tell you. Kalyani says why this is going on with me. Malhar requests that she rest and back rubs her head. They rest. Sampada enters Kalyani once more and takes a gander at the cabinet, who has recently opened. She grins and checks Malhar out.

Moksh gets some information about his Aai fi. Anupriya says she is fine, yet resting now. She goes to go to a call in the wake of illuminating Aao Saheb. Kalyani comes there and lets Aao Saheb know that she would have assisted them with doing puja. Moksh asks how is your wellbeing now? Kalyani says takatak. Moksh says he is fasting for her. Kalyani says guardians can save the quick for the children, however kids will simply appeal to God for the guardians, as God pays attention to kids supplications. She says she will make something for her. Anupriya makes turmeric milk for Kalyani and tells her that it gives insusceptibility to us. She advances Tata Sampann masalas.

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Pandit ji comes to Aao Saheb and gives her blessed water. Aao Saheb requests that Godaveri make the water sprinkle everywhere around the house. She comes to Kalyani’s room and tracks down her eating chicken. She asks Tai… you are eating chicken on puja day. Kalyani says she can’t survive without non veg and attempts to forcefeeds chicken in her mouth. Godaveri runs out frightened and brings Anupriya inside. Anupriya observes Kalyani dozing. Godaveri gets stunned.

Malhar actually considers how to help Kalyani, don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred with her. He figures what to do? Moksh comes there and applies tilak to Malhar. He says I will apply tika to Aai fi likewise, then, at that point, she will be fine. Malhar says I know and requests that he apply tika to Aai fi. He wants to apply tika to her, in any event, when she is dozing. Sampada/Kalyani awakens and says no. Moksh applies tika to her. Sampada in Kalyani feels torment. Kalyani feels torment. Moksh comes out and tells Atharv in the event that he can apply tika to him. Atharv takes him in his lap and says I will let you know the mystery. He says your genuine dad is… Malhar comes and yells Atharv. He sends Moksh out.

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My Heart Knows Wednesday 13th April 2022 Update Zee World: Atharv says it will be diversion for him. Malhar cautions him to avoid her child. Aao Saheb requests that Malhar sit and says Puja will start now. Atharv says you individuals does puja possibly, inquires as to whether they don’t get exhausted. He plays music and moves. Moksh lets Malhar know that the companion will be trespassed for moving during Puja. Malhar says OK. Pandit ji requests that they stand together for the puja. Everybody stands and does Aarti individually. Maurya bhajan plays… Sampada/Kalyani yells requesting that they stop. Sarthak comes to Kalyani’s room seeing her yelling. Kalyani pushes him, creeps and is going to hop down. Sarthak attempts to stop her, yet she pushes him. She bounces down the overhang and sits in the jeep. She asks where could the keys be? Sarthak asks how might you drive in this condition. Kalyani lifts the jeep stunning Sarthak and checks him out. Sarthak yells Malhar…

Precap: Malhar and Kalyani advance the show Indian Pro Music League.

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