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My Heart Knows update Wednesday 9th February 2022 Zee World

My Heart Knows update Tuesday 15th February 2022
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My Heart Knows update Wednesday 9th February 2022: The episode begins with Anupriya telling Kalyani that Aao Saheb concurred for their slow down in the school fair and is prepared to accompany them. Kalyani wishes Malhar will likewise come. Anupriya calls Malhar while he is proceeding to tell that Kalyani needs to say something. Kalyani frenzies and asks will you come as my gatekeeper. Malhar comes to her and takes his gloves. Kalyani asks him not to rebuff her. Malhar says he prefer not to see his things to a great extent. He sits in his jeep and asks at what future time? Anupriya lets him know the time. Sampada hears them. Kalyani is cheerful.

Kalyani lets Anupriya know that their sarees will be sold and calls themselves as supermodels. They go to the photograph slow down and get the pic clicked. They get the moment pic. Anupriya sees the enchanted channel pic and says we don’t need this. Kalyani attempts to disclose to her. Anupriya gives the pic. She sees a couple kissing and requests that Kalyani turn her face. Kalyani says this is essential for fair and says this is mistletoe tree and whoever remains under the tree need to kiss like this. She says it is english traditions. Anupriya says english can make any traditions. Kalyani says even we have a few traditions and tells that this will be feature of our fair.

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Anupriya says in the event that my mum would have been alive, she would have passed on once more. They come to the slow down. Anupriya stresses that they have no deals till now. Aao Saheb and Pallavi come there. Aao Saheb says they haven’t sold anything till now. Kalyani yells out loud with regards to the proposition that 1 saree is free on other. Aao Saheb says we will have large misfortune. Kalyani says we will have benefit and requests that she chill. Kalyani figures Malhar didn’t come till now. Anupriya requests that she call Malhar. Kalyani reluctantly calls him. Malhar says he is leaving for there. Kalyani gets glad and illuminates Anupriya. Aparna stops Malhar and tells that moksh’s stomach is enlarged. Malhar requests that she call specialist and goes inside the house with him. Aparna thinks everything is occurring as Sampada needs.

A declaration is made that central visitor Atharv Bapat is shown up. Atharv and Sampada come on a bicycle. Primary hun wear plays… ..Kalyani says in the event that he is boss visitor then we won’t get first prize, he will come to our slow down and affront us. Atharv comes to their slow down and grabs saree from Kalyani’s hand. He inquires as to whether she enjoyed it. Sampada says it is alright. Atharv requests that Kalyani pack all sarees and says I will get it. He tosses the saree and cleans the ground with it. He says it is really great for pocha and requests that somebody take it and clean the mud. Sampada says I preferred it for Pocha.

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My Heart Knows update Wednesday 9th February 2022: Atharv says these sarees are made of modest string. Aao Saheb becomes irate. Kalyani picks the juice glass and tosses on Atharv. Atharv says I am the central visitor here and this misconduct will be not passable. Chief lets Kalyani know that he can suspend her from school. Sampada requests that he suspend her. Kalyani says I am following his instructing, seconds ago he made pocha out of our saree, in like manner, I tried to avoid his garments and that is the reason demolished his garments, as he is our childhood symbol. Chief lets Atharv know that he shouldn’t have destroyed understudy’s hardwork. Atharv says sorry. Kalyani says me as well. Aao Saheb likes Kalyani and lets Pallavi know that she is Deshmukh family blood. Kalyani gets glad and contacted. Anupriya grins.

Aao Saheb comes to the sandwich slow down and orders two sandwiches. Pallavi inquires as to whether she realizes that she is feeling hungry. Aao Saheb says it is for them, who is doing hardwork since morning. Pallavi remembers to agree with Atharv’s stance transparently.

My Heart Knows update Wednesday 9th February 2022: Atharv and Sampada come to the Palak’s slow down and requests that she utilize great channel. Sampada says on the off chance that I like the pic, you will get additional focuses. Palak gives her the jackass channel pic. Sampada yells at her. Palak says sorry. Sampada says I will perceive the way you will win. They go from that slow down. Kalyani expresses gratitude toward Palak. Palak says I truly delighted in. Atharv returns. Kalyani asks him not to tell anything to Palak and says she requested that she do this. Atharv says I used to do this in adolescence and says he won’t cry like her infront of Principal, however will make her cry before sun-down.

Sampada declares the couple’s down. Atharv lets Anupriya know that he trusts such Kalyani’s reality isn’t similar to her. malhar comes there and inquires as to whether he can simply utilize tongue. Sampada requests that Atharv win jhumkas. They focus on the objective.


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